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  1. A

    Scripting Create shortcut for Photoshop script?

    How can I create a shortcut that will run a script for me in Photoshop? Unfortunately, under Edit -> keyboard Shortcuts I can only find plug-ins, not scripts. I have the .jsx file in the Scripts folder. I can also run the script manually. But I can't find the script to select under Edit ->...
  2. D

    Copy all paths from JPEG and paste them into a PSD?

    Hi All, I have been searching around for this and I thought it would have been a common request. I have hundreds of JPEGs in a folder called 'JPEGs' and identical PSDs in a folder called 'PSDs'. I have sent out the JPEGs for pathing and I want to bring the paths from the JPEGs into the PSDs...
  3. J

    Scripting Modify an Action with a script??

    Hi everyone :) I was wondering if a script can modify an existing action? Short story - I need a script that go through a specific Action, and deletes every step of "Use hand" in it. Long story - My work with photoshop is to edit Interior design Photos, hundreds of photos each week. some of...
  4. R

    What font is this called. Struggling to find. Or similar

  5. B

    script to save png with different layers

    dear all, I am trying to build a script that will do the following: I have a big file which includes several group of laywers. I would like to alternatively turn on a group of layer and export a png @40% size then turn off the group and turn on the next group then export png etc... I want to do...
  6. I

    Scripting How to get snapshots?

    I wonder whether it is possible with a script to output the "snapshots" of the Camera-Raw-filter contained in an XMP file as individual JPG files or directly as individual layers in one PSD file. Here is a RAW example with 3 snapshots.
  7. C

    Universal script to prepare photos for internet

    Hello, I have created universal script that I could apply to bunch of photos in order to prepare for publication on Internet. What else I could add in order to improve this script? I found two options to automate script: File->Automate->Batch I'm getting following error in this script: The...
  8. revnart

    Scripting Reverse Order of Layers

    Hi, maybe I'm not the only one, whit this problem. When i have layers like this: and go to Layer > Arrange > Reverse (I have selected all layers before that step :P ) I get error: The only solution is to make one layer at top of the layers stack, then one in the bottom of layers stack...
  9. E

    Scripting Script to ask which Printer to use

    Dear All, I am running a batch action that prints all opened documents. I have several printers, so ideally it would ask me which printer I want to use before executing the action. Can this be done with a script ? So ideally, I would click Automate > Batch > Play > "Print All" and then it...
  10. E

    Scripting Script to run Actions according to the files names

    Dear All, I hope someone can help. I am looking at the following task: I have several .jpg files in a folder. Their names are something like "ADE-4LP.jpg" or "DBA-3P.jpg" or "EFC-1P.jpg" I would like to open these files ( one-by-one ) in Photoshop and then run actions ( already created )...
  11. P

    Scripting Transfer paths or masks from one document to another

    Hi guys, Im kind of getting gray hair waay in advance trying to find out if this is possible at all. I have two different cases and Im gonna try to explain them as good as possible below. I am working with a high volume of images so this would save us a lot of time if we could automate it...
  12. P

    Change EXIF Createdate

    I was asked if the EXIF CreateDate could be changed in Adobe Bridge, so I came up with a scripted solution. To install unzip and place this script into the following folder: Start Bridge Edit - Preferences -Startup Scripts At the bottom click the "Reveal Button" this will open the folder...
  13. R

    Scripting Photoshop Action Script

    Hi, I need a Photoshop script that runs actions based on data in an excel file. Sample link: I need a script similar to this.... For more information pls reply me...
  14. revnart

    Scripting Measurement Scale script

    Hi I have a question :) Maybe some great minds of PSG will be able to help :) On a daily basis I deal mainly with car wrapping, and part of it is calculating square meters of print vinyl needed. I use measurement scale for that because I can select multiple parts of car with simple selection...
  15. O

    Baselining Images

    Hi, this is a question for PS Super Experts (I would think so). So here is a situation. I need a script to baseline* images. I have roughly 40k+ images that need to be baselined and doing this manually would take ages. So I need a script that would do this automatic. Let's say I have image...
  16. M

    Two Questions

    Hi, I need help with two things. 1. I want to draw a circle using the shape tool. I want it to ONLY have the stroked outline, no fill. When I do this I get only a 1 pixel circle outline. Is there a way to make the outline 5 or 6 pixels wide? If so, how? 2. I am looking for script fonts that...
  17. M

    Tool Tip Problem

    I am using PS CS5 with Win 7 Pro and am having a longstanding problem with a tooltip popping up when I try to click the X to close an image. This is senseless because the stupid thing is giving me the same information that is already there and it blocks the attempt to click the X. I don't want...
  18. L

    How to auto upload images - save for web

    Hey, im using photoshop cs6 and im making a lot of save for web pages, and i need to script or uploader that will be upload instant photos to the for example imageshack server or something, now i need to do it manual, export all photos to the server and replace links. is there any script ? to...
  19. P

    Scripting CS3 Coloring Book script

    Hi I have CS3 and am looking for a script that will create coloring book pages for me in Photoshop. Can someone point me to where I might find something like that. Thank you!
  20. M

    Scripting Photoshop Scripting Issues

    Hey guys! Just a question here, I want to run a script or batch process, but I haven't a clue when it comes to this sort of stuff. I was wondering, if possible, could I set up a batch/script so that I can increase the hue of a mask in incriments of 1, and then export them into a selected...