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Scripting Photoshop Scripting Issues


New Member
Hey guys!

Just a question here, I want to run a script or batch process, but I haven't a clue when it comes to this sort of stuff.
I was wondering, if possible, could I set up a batch/script so that I can increase the hue of a mask in incriments of 1, and then export them into a selected folder?
So i'm not sitting here like an idiot pushing the hue up, saving it, renaming it, pushing the hue up, saving it.... you get the point.
Im running Photoshop CC 2014.

Any help would be appreciated!:mrgreen:

I wonder if this might help, it will save jpg's in the hue range you select (Do not create a Hue/Saturation layer) the script will do it all.

Increment Hue.jpg

Download the zip file, unzip and place the script in the relevant folder.
PC:- C:/Program Files/Adobe/Adobe Photoshop CS#/Presets/Scripts/
Mac:- [hard drive]/Applications/Adobe Photoshop CS#/Presets/Scripts/

To use:
If Photoshop was open when you copied the script, close and restart Photoshop.
Have your document open in Photoshop
File - Scripts - Increment Hue
Fill out as required, and select Process
The document will be left in it's original state when finished.



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