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    Batch Scale Automation

    Hi! I have had a look for a solution to this rather complex problem. I am looking to place an image above another, correctly place and scale/transform the placed image, and save to file. I use a windows desktop, if that is any help. The problem I have is that I would want to automate the...
  2. J

    "Save As" dialog issue in batch process

    I'm trying to run a batch process in Photoshop cc 2018, The issue that i'm getting is that after I run the batch, I keep getting the "save as" dialog with every image. How can I avoid that? I have seen videos where people only specify the details for the First image only and the rest batch goes...
  3. F

    Batch Automation Automate Camara raw

    Hello All! As you have noticed, i am quite new to the forum. I am a bit used to photoshop, but not the nicly automate tool embeded in Photoshop. The thing is that i hav 2 full cards of 16 gb, that needs some correction. Camara has been used by some friends, and some needs ajustment in camara...
  4. S

    Batch Automation Automate "Color Settings" switching

    I have to switch back and forth from working with 32 bit 3d renders in sRGB, then on to a retouching workflow in AdobeRGB. If I have "Color Settings" presets saved, is there a way to automate the switching of working spaces or do I have to manually go into the "Color Settings" dialog every time?
  5. C

    Auto scale and align 2 layers.

    Hey everyone, thanks in advance for reading and trying to help. I'm trying to automate a long, tedious process that I do a lot, and have it all except this one step: I need to overlay 2 images that are always similar in shape, but not at all in content. When pasting the new layer, how can I get...
  6. W

    Batch Automation Need help on automation/ batch/ actions

    Hi There, Glad I found tis forum! Desperately need help on a way to automate school photography proof cards. Each image taken at a school needs to be placed on proof card, I'm tying to find out if I automate this process with photoshop! Please see proof this as an example...
  7. Z

    any way to retain the vectors of PSD smart objects for printing?

    any way to retain the vectors of PSD smart objects for print? I am not sure how to summarize my problem well into one sentence, I will simply describe my workflow and my goal I draw the comics in AI, compose everything into square boxes of different sizes. Copy the AI vectors into a PSD...
  8. M

    Scripting Photoshop Scripting Issues

    Hey guys! Just a question here, I want to run a script or batch process, but I haven't a clue when it comes to this sort of stuff. I was wondering, if possible, could I set up a batch/script so that I can increase the hue of a mask in incriments of 1, and then export them into a selected...
  9. P

    Select in an action

    I have used simple actions for years, mostly to automate mass file conversions. I now have a task that has me stumped. There are several hundred files of scanned text, of a quality and layout that defy OCR. The text is purple, ranging from light to dark, and the background is a mottled yellow...
  10. M

    Batch processing - rename and re-size

    Hi all, Wondering if anyone can help with the following: I have 115 files that I need to create six files respectively from each, a total of 690 files. Each of the batched six files are different sizes and the last two numbers need to change. For example, I start with 781.08, from there I get...
  11. M

    Scripting Video script in Photoshop

    Hi everybody! Is it possible to read video frames with a Photoshop script? I have a video file, and i want to layer all frames in Lighten blend mode. I don't need the layers themself, just a render of all the frames. What I currently do is: 1) File->Import->Video Frames to Layers...
  12. A

    Batch Automation Can I adjust levels and color and create action to automate?

    I have a set of indoor fluorescent-lit pictures that have all different kinds of bluish tints to them. Unfortunately, some have more blue than others while others seem almost perfect. Is it possible to record an action using one picture and then get equal levels and coloring on the others (even...
  13. L

    Batch Automation Batch automate images from 96dpi to 300dpi

    HI I have a few actions set, converting to cmyk : saving as tiff etc, and can also use the image processor script - this is all fine. What I am struggling with is this : I need to convert images that may be 72dpi / 96dpi / 240dpi etc etc - I need to change them to 300dpi BUT if the I want...
  14. S

    Automate Partial Cropping

    I have about 500 pictures that I resized to 725 pixels wide and 72 DPI. These images now need to be resized to 467 pixels wide by 273 so they fit into the space allotted by my web designer. The issue however is that the photos are of varying different heights -some are portrait and some are...