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"Save As" dialog issue in batch process

I'm trying to run a batch process in Photoshop cc 2018, The issue that i'm getting is that after I run the batch, I keep getting the "save as" dialog with every image. How can I avoid that? I have seen videos where people only specify the details for the First image only and the rest batch goes on without this dialog box popping up. I have shared screenshots of the settings that I've selected for this process and of the dialog box too. Kindly help!


Try choosing a different destination folder.
And "override action 'save as' command" didn't work for you?

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Hi Aakshat!

I tried choosing a different destination folder but still the Save As prompt arrives for each photo.

I also tried enabling the "Override Action 'Save As' Commands", but with that the prompt goes away and the target folder remains empty (which means no image processed or saved)