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  1. D

    Copy all paths from JPEG and paste them into a PSD?

    Hi All, I have been searching around for this and I thought it would have been a common request. I have hundreds of JPEGs in a folder called 'JPEGs' and identical PSDs in a folder called 'PSDs'. I have sent out the JPEGs for pathing and I want to bring the paths from the JPEGs into the PSDs...
  2. P

    Batch Scale Automation

    Hi! I have had a look for a solution to this rather complex problem. I am looking to place an image above another, correctly place and scale/transform the placed image, and save to file. I use a windows desktop, if that is any help. The problem I have is that I would want to automate the...
  3. revnart

    New work station

    Hey, today I have a specific question about hardware - photoshop dependency. We need to build machine that will batch work on 50-100 thousands images per day, all automated with scripts (that part is ready), I've tried running all operations on my laptop (i7 - 8gen, 20GB ram, Nvidia GeForce...
  4. J

    "Save As" dialog issue in batch process

    I'm trying to run a batch process in Photoshop cc 2018, The issue that i'm getting is that after I run the batch, I keep getting the "save as" dialog with every image. How can I avoid that? I have seen videos where people only specify the details for the First image only and the rest batch goes...
  5. L

    Hello PSG... I need your help

    Hello All brief intro i am a freelance photographer and have a firework business in store and online. Currently revamping the website and need your wisdom! :) I need help with batch editing. I would like to resize all my product images on to a template I have made. It is a 600x600 file...
  6. P

    Issue with Batch processing and Actions

    So I have a bunch of PSD files that I'm trying to resize and expand the background. The backgrounds are solid colors. The issue that I'm having is that the background layers are not named the same or the files don't have the same amount of layer. When I go to expand the canvas size I want it...
  7. E

    Scripting Script to ask which Printer to use

    Dear All, I am running a batch action that prints all opened documents. I have several printers, so ideally it would ask me which printer I want to use before executing the action. Can this be done with a script ? So ideally, I would click Automate > Batch > Play > "Print All" and then it...
  8. U

    Batch Automation How to batch underline all text in all pdf files

    How to batch underline and save all text in all pdf files inside a folder. Is it possible with Photoshop ?
  9. N

    Batch Automation Automate batch problem with auto frame

    Hi guys ! I am currently struggling with my first attempt of batch processing... I am trying to apply a white border to jpegs already exported with lightroom in a file. Stuff is I am not sure which box should be ticked in the batch processing dialog box. So far, I have either not all files...
  10. F

    Batch Automation Batch Actions

    I have several thousand images. Each image needs to be resized, color-corrected. I have the actions down pat so no worries revising images. Inside the IMAGE folder there are approximately 200 sub-folders containing approximate 10 images in each sub-folder. I recorded my actions no worries. I...
  11. R

    Batch Generation of Unique Sports Uniforms (Logos + Color switch)

    I work with a bunch of high schools for sports uniforms, and with the new school year coming up we want take all of our clients and create a design to pitch to every one. With over 500 schools, it gets timely. What I'm looking for is a solution to batch the creation of a design, in this...
  12. revnart

    Importing / Pasting files

    Hi, once again I have a question :) Thing I do everyday is sending visualisations of projects to a client. I have for example two sides of a car, rear, hood and sometimes roof. Normally I just drag project files from Bridge into Photoshop directly into empty file with specified dimensions...
  13. J

    CS6 batch process for different camera raw files

    Hello I've got problem witch batch process and maybe anyone could help me with it. I've tried to do automatic process for many camera raw image files, but there are left and right sites in folder. It's possible to set batch files which allow to do one thing for left side files, and other...
  14. J

    Batch Automation Batch action of layers

    Hi, I'm wondered if anybody can help me. I'm looking to create an action to do the following task. I have a .psd file with X amount of text layers in a folder and a folder which is like my base layer. I need to switch on a text layer save this with the base layer and move onto the next text...
  15. C

    Batch Automation Photoshop Action for two different images for Batch

    Hi, Im going crazy trying to make an action where I can place two different images and then use it in batch, I need a Document 8x12 where I can place 2 images 6x8 and then process a folder in batch with 65 images to be ready to print in a paper 8x12, can some body please tell me how to do it...
  16. gautamz07

    avaoid popup when batch resizing

    Hey guys , i am running a batch action on a folder , now i have a action recorded. When i have my "override actions save as commands" unchecked (whiich is what i want) , see screenshot below : I get a save popup as below for each image that saves : now thats quite bugging , how do i...
  17. gautamz07

    batch resizing question

    Hey guys , My question is about batch resizing, now i followed this tutorial HERE . Now i had some some images in a folder which were of dimensions of 5000+ pixels , i need these images for the web , so the image s should be about 1200*700 exactly(VERY IMPORTANT AND THATS exactly what my...
  18. C

    Batch Watermarking Images with different PPI

    Trying to figure out how I can batch watermark images with different PPI. My current method: Open Actions: Create action-Watermark Record I open the image I want to watermark, all horizontal/vertical images I place my watermark symbol (.png file) - File - Place Resize the watermark, then...
  19. S

    Batch Automation Batch action issues

    Hey guys, New to the forum, had no idea where to turn lol. Basic problem - my actions in batch are only applying to every other photo. It's a basic action: 1. Open new doc 2. Select rectangle bottom of image 3. Fill 4. Select top of image. 5. Fill 6. Open new doc 7. Copy paste logo 8...
  20. M

    Scripting Photoshop Scripting Issues

    Hey guys! Just a question here, I want to run a script or batch process, but I haven't a clue when it comes to this sort of stuff. I was wondering, if possible, could I set up a batch/script so that I can increase the hue of a mask in incriments of 1, and then export them into a selected...