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batch resizing question


Power User
Hey guys , My question is about batch resizing, now i followed this tutorial HERE .

Now i had some some images in a folder which were of dimensions of 5000+ pixels , i need these images for the web , so the image s should be about 1200*700 exactly(VERY IMPORTANT AND THATS exactly what my question is about) , now when i batch resize and the new images are saved in a new file , i get dimensions of


(i see that the aspect ratio is maintained ... but what i really wanted was 1200*700px)

much better !

now i have a idea , i have a plan white template on 1200*700, is there a automated action in photoshop which i can use to copy these new resized images and past on this white template and than save each image , so that i get all images to be 1200*700 ?? (This approach i know is a bit dirty and not ideal for all use cases , but its perfect for me ! ). Is this possible , if so , it would be a life saver .

Thank you.