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  1. O

    Gradient banding(?) of vector file in photoshop

    Hello everyone, Yesterday I encountered something weird which I'm not even sure how to classify, hence the question mark. So, what happened was that I prepared a rather large Photoshop file, about 45000x7000 pixels, 300 dpi, CMYK. Then I inserted a stock vector file onto the canvas through a...
  2. C

    Cheapest Devices that runs photoshop?

    I have $370 to spend on a device and I'm looking to buy something that can use photoshop. Laptop, Tablet, anything.
  3. H

    I am new. I am inexperienced. I need help with something.

    Hi, I recently got Photoshop 2020. I am a total beginner. I am trying to do the following: I have a logo I am using for my brand. The logo is a PNG file. It has a hollowed centre. I put it over the top of an image I like and what I am trying to do is cut out the logo image while keeping the...
  4. isapanzanni

    Photoshop does not allow changing folders for editing

    Good night my dear, how are you? I have a problem with my Photoshop CC, every time I go to FILE> OPEN> only an open folder appears and does not give me the option to go back to the desktop or other folders, does anyone know what it might be?
  5. C

    How to recreate Light Bleeding/LED Aura (shown in picture)

    Hi all, i've had this idea for an album cover for a live album i've been cutting. Its basically a triangle Strobe or LED in some smoke with a black background (it's the decoration for the Concert they did) But i want to have the same type of light bleeding out from the Triangle as shown in...
  6. B

    watercolor effects question

    can somebody show me the steps they use to have this results?
  7. H

    Smoke dispersion forming into a poem

    Hi! Please forgive me if I have posted this in the incorrect part of the forum! I was wondering if I could get some advice on how to do this effect? I have an image of my friends late relative and wanted to surprise them with a canvas. There are many tutorials on how to create the smoke...
  8. M

    Resizing Question

    Hi everyone, Im new here and have what feels like a dumb simple question but I cant find anything online to help me. I am trying to take this 16x16 tileset and resize it to be 32x32 tileset, so essentially I just need to double the size. Problem is when I do that, the image gets all fuzzy. Its a...
  9. Wade71

    Polygonal Selection Tool Question

    Hi, I just signed up to the forum so this is my first of many posts I guess!. My question is this, is it possible to change from "subtract from selection" to "add to selection" while the polygonal selection tool is active?. I've been using Photoshop for years and have no clue if its even...
  10. O

    Mockup question

    Hello, I am wondering if someone can help please? I have been looking at creating mockups (they make my life so much easier). I have a quick question now - if I created a bi-fold mockup, with only partial of the page 2 showing, how can I still convert page 2 to use as a mockup? I have...
  11. C

    Pen tool question

    When I'm using the pen tool. Sometimes I might evidently click on something else or I might click a button in th le keyboard. After this happens I can't continue from where I left off. It starts a whole new selection. When I try to alt+z it doesn't fix it either. So my question is, what do I...
  12. Pipsmom

    Duplicating label question

    I'm working on a old 1925 photo, after a gazillion spots removed and cleaned up everything is going along as expected colouring but I'm looking and studying those shelves full of identical labels on cans on the left side of different kinds of stock. So I'm almost to the point of starting on...
  13. C


    Hello. I have been using photoshop for a long time, but am still a beginner. I am still on version 7.0. Most importantly, I wanted to let the administration know that their "random" question has last year as the answer still.
  14. P

    Illustrator Question about vector path

    Hi, I am still new to vectoring and I have a question. I have drawn a couple of vertical and horizon strips on the canvas. However, I am stuck as to how to do the end part of the strips where they meet at the circular path of the other strips. (I have circled this in red) Currently I just...
  15. S

    How to make picture less blury: Was Introduction

    Hi everyone! My name is Sara. I'm 18 and I'm so excited to be a part of this community. Thanks all. I have a question though. How to make this picture a little less...
  16. Q

    question about GIF file

    Hi, i would like to create a flash file like this, please advise. Thanks
  17. J

    Hi from Greater London - JJ

    Hi everyone, My name is JJ and I am here to learn about Photoshop, I am very interested in brand designing. I have a question I am going to post, I will look forward to hearing your responses. Festive wishes, JJ
  18. S

    UI UX Webdesign PS/Sketch

    Hey guys ! Its my fist time on this forum, and i was hoping that maybe you can resolve my question. I am Young Graphic Designer with few years experience in print and advertising. i dont do web languages codes or anything like that, i know small bit but its not enough. Lately there is a lot...
  19. T

    Match Background Colour which varies

    Please see attached image with question added to image Thorrrr
  20. R

    Photoshop question

    Hi guys, As you may have guessed: I am a photoshop newb. Now I have question about a certain cool style I recently saw on a website and I was wondering how you can make this. The style I mean is displayed on the image above. I really like how the transition has been done on the that...