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Warping Country Flags around an Elliptical


I'm placing in different flags around an elliptical and was wondering if the way Im going about it is the most efficient way. I am warping each flag on to the elliptical making them fit between the lines as best as I can.

Is there a better way to go about this that would achieve a clean unison look?

Eliptical .png

Eliptical Zoom.png
I created five "flags" and placed them on a yellow rectangle. Each of the flags and the yellow rectangle are on their own layer, but then I created a new layer that combines everything into one, and turned off the visibility of the individual layers.


Now go to Edit>Transform>Warp. In the drop-down box, select "Arc" and set the Arc Bend to 100%. You'll get a half-circle, like this.


Repeat this process for the bottom half (different flags) by setting the Arc Bend to negative 100%. Then you can join the two shapes to form a clean circle.

Creating an ellipse is a bit trickier. In the Warp command, you can set the bend amount to something less than 100%, but then the top and bottom won't join cleanly. Another option is to first make the circular version and then flatten it to an ellipse using Edit>Transform>Scale.