1. U

    Warp effect template

    Is it possible to create a filter or template or some kind to get the same warp effect every time I add a new smart object? I photoshop t-shirt designs onto photos of the shirts themselves, but want to warp the designs so it flows with the fold/wrinkle/bends of the shirt. I can get this done by...
  2. J

    PS Clipping Mask Problem

    Hi all Can someone please help solve a very frustrating problem I am having wrapping an image around a mug template. I have created a rectangle, used the warp and brought in my image but when I create the clipping mask my image disappears. I thought I would be able to manipulate my image...
  3. E

    Assymetric round shapes

    hi guys how do u make shapes like these? round cornered but assymetric random style i made this using warp but i didnt like the result is there any other way to do this shapes?
  4. A

    Perspective Warp Animations

    With the Perspective Warp feature in Photoshop CC, can you create an animation of the tilting of a 2d object to create an effect similar to this. Click on image.
  5. L

    Rotating the rectangular selection tool "M" prior to making selection

    I hate to ask dumb questions, but, one thing I wish I could get in photoshop is the ability to rotate a couple of the up-to-down or right-to-left tools - eg. when you select "M" (a selection rectangle), it would be nice if you could ROTATE the rectangle after you have defined its dimensions to...
  6. M

    Resolution problems with warp function after using PANORAMIC photo merge

    Hello Photoshop Gurus, I have been working with panoramic photo merge and am merging up to 40 images. The result is a very snaky image, I have been using the warp tool in transform functions to correct it, but this leads to a massive resolution loss. Does anyone have a solution or a...
  7. E

    Warp tool pixel problem

    Hi, when i use warp tool, the edges are not smooth but pixel like this.. any ideas?
  8. pslane

    Illustrator warp tool size

    How can I adjust the brush size on the warp tool? I love to use it but the only option I have is a huge brush, not good for small areas. Thanks, pslane
  9. M

    Increasing warp amount

    Hi Guys, I have some text that I created in the shape of a beard. I would like to warp it a bit so that it kind of looks wavy, but the warp>preset>wave function only allows one wave which makes it look like a flag which I do not want at all. Is there a way I can increase the amount of waves...
  10. M

    Illustrator Depth of field effect in Illustrator

    I am learning Illustrator and I am trying to make this effect(road with depth of field): What would be preferred tool/technique to achieve this in Illustrator? Using Photoshop I could think of some way to do it with transformation effects like "perspective" or "warp"... But how to transform...
  11. chrisdesign

    Steampunk Limousine

    I tried to make a steampunk car once again. Several attempts failed when I tried to place the objects in the right perspective on the surface of the car. I realized that I had to search for images with a similar perspective like that of the car. Adapting the images in photoshop was nevertheless...
  12. H

    Text Warp for Perspective

    I'm attempting to warp text to fit into a banner like the example below: I've tried rasterizing the type layer and using the Warp tool, but I'm having trouble controlling it. Is there an easier method to achieve this look? Thanks!
  13. J

    "Bulge" only arches text

    Using Photoshop CS3 I'm simply trying make a 10 letter word bulge proportionately, bigger in the middle tapering smaller toward the ends. When I use the preset text warp option "bulge", it arches both the top and bottom of the text upward. I watched a video, followed the steps (bulge...
  14. T

    Smart Object/Warp Question

    Hey everyone! I am a Paint Shop Pro girl and decided to give CS5 a go, starting last night. I have been watching some tutorials and have 2 questions! 1. Smart Object is a great tool for non-destructive resizing.....is there ever a reason not to use it? 2. I am trying to figure out how to warp...
  15. J

    Help: How do I deform an image to fit onto another?

    Hi I'm just starting a new project and I've become a little stuck. What I'd like to do with photoshop is to bend this (or another more suitable image) of a running track to fit: a) the extrusion of the 3D type below or; b) the road of the mountain pass How would I go about doing this; is it...
  16. B

    Straight Line Warp

    Hi, is it possible to warp a Smart Objects using corners and straight lines in stead of curves? I try to make a map icon in which you can easily replace the image on the map I know how to do this warp with paths by adding anchors, but it won't work with a Smart Object (or a simple image for that...
  17. D

    Water Splash !

    My new work in photoshop ! Hope u guys wil commnt , nd gime feedback... That's really nice but you can't use this PSG to advertise your products. Steve
  18. L

    Warping Text for a Vinyl Car Wrap

    Hi Guys I want to put a vinyl sticker on my car rear window with either a picture or text. The car window is angled at 45 degrees. My question is: How do I "warp" my image, so that when it is applied to my car, it will look as if I am starring at it directly. The problem is that if the...
  19. A

    Apple wwdc invite 2011... Curved wall of images in 3d? How do i do it in photoshop?

    Hey everyone, New to this forum but pretty proficient in photoshop for self-taught. I've figured out everything I've ever needed to do in Photoshop and Illustrator on my own, but this one has me stumped! I'm familiar with warping and the other free transform tools, but can't piece this...
  20. Hoogle

    Using puppet warp for portrait touch up

    I Have started to use puppet warp tool which is a new feature in cs5 but really only used it in typography. I have seen someone animate a video entirely from 1 photo using this tool making it look like someone was walking it is a very clever tool. But here is a simple video to show you how it...