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  1. N

    How do i change the background ?

    How do i change the background of this image to something like this. I can ask someone else to do it but i want to learn how so that i can become better at this . Thanks!
  2. N

    Specific Change the color of the lid #1

    Can you please change the color of the lid and the claws in this image to brown and white similar to this image Thank YOU
  3. N

    Specific Please Remove The Text #3

    Remove the text and also remove the pinkish area below "Stacked Solid" .
  4. N

    Specific Remove Text #2

  5. T

    Specific Please put us in a picture together

    I want the two of us in a picture together! The boy in white and the boy in grey! (Also pls fix the black dot on my shirt)
  6. B

    Specific Edit black tights onto legs?

    Hi everyone, was hoping someone would be kind enough to edit this for me. I had tights on in this photo but because of the flash it looks like I don’t have any on. Is anyone able to edit black tights onto my legs? I would still want some sheerness to it (not block black) so it looks natural...
  7. B

    How to clean a layers edges

    I have some gloves that look good when the background is white but when there is a dark background, I can see the edges are not clean and you can still see white. What would be the best way to approach this issue? Any assistance on what tools or techniques used to eliminate the white edges...
  8. B

    Changing the inside/outside of a texts font color

    I have a font I'm using for a logo and would like to change the inside and outside border colors, however when changing the color, the entire font is changed. I would like to make the inside black and the outside shadow red. How could I accomplish this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. B

    Warping Country Flags around an Elliptical

    I'm placing in different flags around an elliptical and was wondering if the way Im going about it is the most efficient way. I am warping each flag on to the elliptical making them fit between the lines as best as I can. Is there a better way to go about this that would achieve a clean unison...
  10. J

    Text from real object

    I'm trying to create a cover for a cook book. I want to use various powdered spices to create text on a table like someone sprinkled the powder on the table in mounded piles, I have images of various spices that would be perfect to use. If i use the clone tool it comes out looking flat or gets...
  11. AndreiIosif

    Specific Request for Photo Editing Assistance

    Dear Photoshop Experts, I am reaching out to you with a humble request for your expertise in photo editing. I have been trying to edit a family photo in which I would like to have only my great-great-grandmother featured, preferably in the center of the image. I have attached the original...
  12. C

    Help running an action on a set of image sequences

    I have several thousand sequences named: ABC001.png ABC002.png ABC003.png... DEF001.png DEF002.png DEF003.png... and I have an action that opens them as an image sequence, changes the frame rate in the timeline from 60 to 30, and saves them as gifs: ABC.gif DEF.gif However the action...
  13. T

    Specific Water Bug Swimming

    Hi, Can someone be so kind to try to edit out the stains in the aquarium. I've recently witnessed this bug for the first time, and put it in the only nearby aquarium I could find (it was DIRTY). I tried to get the aquarium cleaned using cloth wipes- but to no avail. I'd love to keep this...
  14. Dis_zz

    How to change stains/difference on a wooden board into a solid color

    Hi Guys, look please at my example. As You can see the wooden board has a difference in painting between the top and bottom sides. You can see there are actually lacquer stains. What is the best way to improve/change these stains into solid painting color? Any recommendations are welcome and...
  15. P

    Specific Cover grass above rocks with sky

    Hello! Can anyone put the blue sky above the rocks? The random grass/weeds would look a lot better if they…were not visible lol. Basically, replace the grass with the blue sky, so all you see is the rock I’m on and the blue sky?
  16. M

    Dying for some assistance!

    So, I have a new ID/ Badge printer (Fargo hdp5000) and every single time I print a face on the card, it gets this super weird effect. Now all the rest of the card template comes out excellent. I concluded it's not a problem with the printer, after doing a test print using the printers own test...
  17. S

    Help, the color picker is weird!

    Hello, today I opened Photoshop, as I do every day, and out of the blue the color picker looked like this: It is extremely weird and disturbing when working with it. Does anybody have an idea how to fix this? Thanks a lot, J
  18. P

    Specific Continue the tunnnel

    Is there anyone who make this picture look like the blue strings continue on like a tunnel of infinity? ty you and have a great day!
  19. P

    Filters Ps native filters turning photo to black and white

    Color mode is RGB; foreground and background are black and white, respectively. I tried applying the filters with the background locked & unlocked, converted to smart object and not, and on the original layer and a copy. I cannot figure out what is causing this - please help!
  20. J

    Specific Todder Pops

    I need some (wholesome) revenge on a coworker - can someone please help photoshop his face on the cartoon (accurately colored) with the title "Meet the Todders" and the subtext of "Todd the Grapest" and the text bubble saying "I don't support statutory Grapes"