1. danijel123321

    Anyone prof. in photoshop, I need so many advices

    So guys I’m new to Photoshop, I want to learn as much as I can and I need advices from you, If you are professional hop in! So I want to ask how much years actually require of hard work to be professional in photoshop to know something like from this video, there are so much videos on youtube...
  2. B

    watercolor effects question

    can somebody show me the steps they use to have this results?
  3. M

    Specific Deleting the sky background while the wires remain. #help

    Hello guys, i need a help. I have a crop image of a paraglider and i'm struggling to remove the background sky since i want the wires to remain. Can anybody suggest me how to do this or help me out?
  4. F

    Tips on how to create this effect

    Hello everyone and good day to you! I am fairly new to these forums so I will be blunt -- I'd need some help on recreating something similar to to this but with another portrait: So yeah my specific questions are how to create the background from scratch (or make it otherwise) and how to...
  5. M

    Specific Can someone photoshop my friends?

    Would it be possible to to photoshop the girl with the dark hair and orange shirt into the background only that the ginger girl Is in? So, to remove the ginger girl from her background and insert the dark haired girl. And then the opposite, photoshop the ginger girl into the background only with...
  6. E

    Weird Pixelated Lines When Zoomed In or Out.

    I have no clue why this is happening. I can't seem to find help anywhere else. I'm fairly new to Photoshop and Paintool Sai never did this. My settings for the file are at 2000x2000 at 300 Pixels/Inch. This problem happens no matter the size though. My guess is a graphics problem. I have a...
  7. C

    Specific Cool Car Edits I can use for a small business?

    As the subject suggest, does anyone have any cool car edits you have designed in the past that I can use for my relatives business? Its a car dealer that has been opened for a year and let's just say he has not hit the big leagues yet, which is why I am in the free section. Ideally we would want...
  8. CyberNexxus

    Layout & Design Help 2

    After messing with it for quite some time I finally came up with a draft for my Cyberpunk virtual interface for a retinal implant. It's something else... I love and hate it simultaneously. Something is bugging me and I would really love some input so if you have a moment to read this post...
  9. V

    Specific Please fix this photo (the memory of someone's parents)

    Hi all, My Director Sir is an old man in his sixties. I visited his home and found the picture of his parents. He told me that it was their only picture which he has now. He also expressed a wish that it would have been great if the picture was good in colors and sharp enough, so that he could...
  10. P

    Issue with Batch processing and Actions

    So I have a bunch of PSD files that I'm trying to resize and expand the background. The backgrounds are solid colors. The issue that I'm having is that the background layers are not named the same or the files don't have the same amount of layer. When I go to expand the canvas size I want it...
  11. K

    Specific More jungle(ish)

    Hey y’all! I am in LOVE with this picture but the camera I had just did not give this amazing place justice. So hopefully you experts will give it a shot and put more “natural” beauty into it! Thanks in advance😊✌🏼 **also, I wish the picture showed more of the left side of the scene...probs a...
  12. B

    Help me with the Mixer brush

    Hey everyone I need a little guidance here. So I've seen countless tutorials on the mixer brush and how to sample an area, then using heavy dry use that sample to create beautiful work like trees etc. My issue, however, is when I click alt to go and sample part of an image, it just gives me...
  13. Y

    Specific Memory photo

    Hello i would really appropriate if someone could edit this photo to look more epic or party related anything that would make that moment last longer :)
  14. V

    Paid Help altering Orioles Logo $40

    First time using this site and looking for some assistance altering the Orioles logo to say "Little's" instead of "Orioles". Obviously the last 3 letters wouldn't need to be changed at all, but an appropriate looking apostrophe would need to be added. I'd like the bird to be mounted on top of...
  15. H

    How to achieve vintage look?

    I'm wondering how I can achieve this vintage T-Shirt look. It seems really simple but I can't figure it out. I'm trying to go for something like this It's like a cartoonish older style design here is the original image. What would the steps be to make something like this?
  16. T

    Pleeeeeease help im bad at this

    Can someone please Photoshop the log splitter into the pictyre with the digger or other way around . Doesn't have to show the whole thing . Would be greatly appreciated.
  17. notthatbro

    Specific Open his eyes

    Hi, can someone please open my friends eyes in this picture? I added 2 reference photos so you can get an idea of his eyecolor. Please help and thank you
  18. M


    Hey everyone! I am really new to photoshop and have this photo I want to see if it’s possible to have the bar taken out of the middle of the photo. What would you need to fix this and is anyone willing to help? Thank you in advance!!
  19. P

    Specific Picture Help

    Hello! I’m creating a series of “Stranger Things” themed photos, where I’m dressed as the character “Eleven” - she can move things with her mind, for those unfamiliar with the show. I did some amateur photoshop with an app, but was wodnering if anyone could add one thing for each of the two...
  20. 1

    Paid Help me with cassette art/label

    I am making a Macintosh Plus Bootleg and I need stuff fixed for production. All the art should be on this link if you just click on it then click the image on the top left and then it will show you the first four I need to be edited...