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  1. D

    Specific Can you remove the caption from this Picture?

    Can you please remove the caption from this photo? It was taken years ago on Snapchat and I cannot edit it unfortunately. It’s one of my favorite pictures of my best friend.
  2. T

    Specific Car involved in hit & run. Please Help

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help identify the reg (or even part of it) of this car which hit mine? It would be greatly appreciated as they hit my car and sped off :(
  3. N

    Help me with radius in polygon tool please😭

    Hi guys,I never used this before. I really need help with this problem. Iwant to creat some polygons with a polygon tool but It has something wrong with ‘radius’. It can't be set to 0 like usual I ever did. It can't be unconstrained! 😢
  4. C

    Paid Kissing Fix

    Hi all I need this photo to look like they are kissing. Please help! Will pay!
  5. E

    Help please with removing the bill of a ball cap.

    I need to remove the baseball cap bill and have been unsuccessful doing it so far. Content aware appears to be useless. I'd like to blend the highlighted space with the sky. Please advise. Thank you!
  6. W

    Restoration fix dicoloration

    Hi! can someone please help me fix the discoloration on the bottom of my face? This was taken a while back and my cell phone back then was not the best quality. Thanks so much!
  7. S


    Is there any way someone can help me make the background transparent? It's very hard to because of my friends hair, I tried using the lasso tool, refine edge, pen tool, quick selection and changing the background on a new layer. I have no idea how to fix it from here is there anyway anyone can...
  8. H

    How can I make this effect in Photoshop?

    Hey! I want to make this effect (see attachment) only a little bit lighter. How can I do that? Blackwhite? Greyscale? The picture is by me. The human there has a spotlight on him (darken bg, lighten him). I found that look and liked it while masking out in color range in greyscale mode. Also I...
  9. W

    Specific Can you remove text from pic?

    Can you remove text from pic? I tried almost everything and nothing look good...
  10. E

    Photoshop work efficiency

    Hello. Happy New Year :). Tell me about How to do the following in Photoshop: 1. How to cut one text layer into two layers. For example layer with text: TEXT123 into layers: 1) TEXT and 2) 123 2. How to set the size in pixels of a single image (layer)? 3. How to crop a single image (layer)? 4...
  11. DeJaynes

    Help! Pixelation due to layer effect

    I'm having problems getting rid of some pixilation that's being caused by the layer effects. If I flatten the image I can use the smudge or blur tool but that would be a pain. Any suggestions?
  12. G

    Please Help Identify This Font

    This is a logo that I created for a friend who started his own business. I had all of my original files in a folder on my C: Drive and when I reformatted my drive to upgrade my computer I thought it was saved on my storage drive. So I no longer have the actual PSD files. I was only able to...
  13. B

    [Help] Matching my Phone Camera's 'Brightness' Adjustment

    [just to be clear, I'm just asking for general guidance here, I made a post in the 'free request' section if anyone actually wanted to sit around and try to match the images] Hello everyone, I've recently been given a Samsung Galaxy S6 that has a manually adjustable 'brightness' slider. Trouble...
  14. V

    Question before submitting a request

    Hello everyone, I have question regarding to Photoshop and what it is capable to do. I need to modify/transform an image. My image will have 1:2 ratio and will be tileable/sameless (one end fits to other end). At top and bottom there will be not much of texture. I have not yet created it...
  15. C

    How to recreate Light Bleeding/LED Aura (shown in picture)

    Hi all, i've had this idea for an album cover for a live album i've been cutting. Its basically a triangle Strobe or LED in some smoke with a black background (it's the decoration for the Concert they did) But i want to have the same type of light bleeding out from the Triangle as shown in...
  16. D

    Specific Change/Add Text Into Photo

    Im asking for a big favour, my friend lost his brother who was a massive liverpool fan, I'm wanting to add his name to the stand instead of the 96. i want the image to look like the fans in the stand are holding up this display. I'm hoping to get this printed on A3 paper so i need the highest...
  17. I

    Layer Styles Pen Fill path is very pixelated when filled in.

    Hello Everyone, Thanks for viewing my post!! I'm very very new to photoshop and I really do not know what I am doing. I was following a tutorial to create my Logo but when I use the pen tool to create shapes (Pen tool > Make the shape I need > Fill Path..) it fills just fine but it is very...
  18. danijel123321

    Anyone prof. in photoshop, I need so many advices

    So guys I’m new to Photoshop, I want to learn as much as I can and I need advices from you, If you are professional hop in! So I want to ask how much years actually require of hard work to be professional in photoshop to know something like from this video, there are so much videos on youtube...
  19. B

    watercolor effects question

    can somebody show me the steps they use to have this results?
  20. M

    Specific Deleting the sky background while the wires remain. #help

    Hello guys, i need a help. I have a crop image of a paraglider and i'm struggling to remove the background sky since i want the wires to remain. Can anybody suggest me how to do this or help me out?