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Help running an action on a set of image sequences


New Member
I have several thousand sequences named:



and I have an action that opens them as an image sequence, changes the frame rate in the timeline from 60 to 30, and saves them as gifs:

However the action processes ABC001.png, ABC002.png, ABC003.png, creating multiple duplicate gifs for each frame, how can I run the action on just one of each sequence ABC001.png, DEF001.png inside the folder?
It's just a very bare bones action
Open ABC001.png
With Image Sequence
Frame Rate: 60

Set Document Timeline Settings of timeline
Frame Rate: 30

Using: Save for Web
Format: GIF89A

Saving: no

But when I select a folder to process it opens every frame as a sequence ABC001, ABC002, etc instead of detecting a sequence and moving on to the next one ABC, DEF, etc.
I'm thinking I probably have to write a script for the opening part that detects an image sequence in the filename, opens ABC001 it as a sequence, and moves on to the next skipping ABC002...ABC00N.

If anyone has a similar script they can share that I could work off from, I would appreciate it.

I think there may be a misunderstanding on how to create a GIF animation (your final result).
Sine each PNG is a single image or frame, each one would initially be brought in as its own Layer
Also GIFs are not a video format just an animation format and have limited frame rates. In fact, as I understand, the frame rate is acutally determined by the time interval between images by 1/100 's of a second so the frame rate can be 100 fps, 50fps 33.3 fps, 25 fps, 20 fps for each additional 1/100 second added to the delay between each frame.
I think a good starting point to get on the same page is the Adobe Photoshop tutorial on making GIF animations:

Now if your actual goal is to output as a video format you need to export to a video format and GIF is not a video format (just animation format)
Hope this helps (unless I don't really understand what you are trying to do)
John Wheeler