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batch actions

  1. C

    Help running an action on a set of image sequences

    I have several thousand sequences named: ABC001.png ABC002.png ABC003.png... DEF001.png DEF002.png DEF003.png... and I have an action that opens them as an image sequence, changes the frame rate in the timeline from 60 to 30, and saves them as gifs: ABC.gif DEF.gif However the action...
  2. cjrcooper

    Adjusting layer lengths

    Hi everyone, I'm working on batching some profiles for a project I've been assigned at work. I'm creating around 1k profiles and have most of the variables set up for batching. Everything is working fine except for one part of the specification. The spec requires certain icons (based off...
  3. L

    Hello PSG... I need your help

    Hello All brief intro i am a freelance photographer and have a firework business in store and online. Currently revamping the website and need your wisdom! :) I need help with batch editing. I would like to resize all my product images on to a template I have made. It is a 600x600 file...
  4. F

    Batch Automation Batch Actions

    I have several thousand images. Each image needs to be resized, color-corrected. I have the actions down pat so no worries revising images. Inside the IMAGE folder there are approximately 200 sub-folders containing approximate 10 images in each sub-folder. I recorded my actions no worries. I...