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Batch Automation Batch Actions


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I have several thousand images. Each image needs to be resized, color-corrected. I have the actions down pat so no worries revising images. Inside the IMAGE folder there are approximately 200 sub-folders containing approximate 10 images in each sub-folder.

I recorded my actions no worries. I set up the batch to run the actions. The destination folder in batch is set to SAVE & CLOSE. The batch operation works flawless on the first sub-folder, each of 18 images in the first sub-folder are opened, revised, saved, and the save function is replacing the original image as intended so no extra images are being created and no extra folders created.

Next, the batch moves along to begin the second sub-folder and again flawless for all 10 images but I stop to check and all images in the second sub-folder are being saved in the first sub-folder which is no good. I need the save task to be occurring within each next sub-folder as the batch works down the list of sub-folders.

Right now all revised images from all sub-folders are being saving inside the first sub-folder.

How can I get the appropriate solution so that each image in the sub-folders are opened, revised, and saved to replace the original image in the same sub-folder the image came from?

I am using Photoshop CS6.
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