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    Adjusting The Free Transform Tool To Image

    Hello, I appreciate any help. I use a much older version of Photoshop CS4 ver 11, and use PS at its minimal. But what works perfect for what I need. I take images of dishware, and in the past I used to be able to take a image of a dinner plate, initiate the Elliptical Marquee tool to a random...
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    Custom Shapes Drawing

    Hi, I'm drawing a simple head/face using custom shapes. I use the elliptical tool to draw the face, eyes and mouth setting it to combine shapes and stroke. Now if I go to new layer and use elliptical tool again to start a hat, I want the shape to overlap the face layer (so I can see the...
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    Is it possible to resizeand squish with the elliptical tool?

    I have an elliptical looking image, and what I want to do, is take that image and then resize/squish/scrunch it, so that it's size is smaller, and more circular than elliptical. Is this possible to do in Photoshop? This function is present in MS paint, so i figure a more sophisticated...
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    Elliptical Marquee Tool

    Once you make a circle can you reshape it? or do you have to draw and whole new circle? I'm trying to draw one over another one so i can clip the the picture out of it because I can't get a clipping mask to work. or can I snap to the circle I'm trying to draw over?