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How to recreate Light Bleeding/LED Aura (shown in picture)


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Hi all,

i've had this idea for an album cover for a live album i've been cutting.

Its basically a triangle Strobe or LED in some smoke with a black background (it's the decoration for the Concert they did)

But i want to have the same type of light bleeding out from the Triangle as shown in the photo,

could anyone give me pointers on how to recreate this effect please?

Light Bleed.JPG
Not exactly how I pictured it but this is the final product.


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Hello and welcome!

When your thread first popped up, I had intended to reply and I forgot. Sorry about that. My reply was going to be that your sample image was far too small to tell exactly what effect you were going for. After seeing your PSD file, it became slightly more clear. I feel like you have done a fantastic job and I really can't offer any advice to improve it. It's a really cool effect!

Having said that, I'm still not certain, due to your statement of it not being exactly as you pictured it, of what it is you're going for. Perhaps a better example might help with a more "in depth" explanation of what it is you're trying to recreate.

In your example there's a clear line between the light source and the reflected light that is not present in your triangle.
Thanks Sam,

Reading back my first post it was a little ambiguous. Whoops,

I did initially have a divide (provided via a stroke on Layer 4) that set a small divide between the main white triangle and the surrounding 'auras' however it just seemed to break the composition.

I think the main difference from my intended image and the final design is that i expected the triangle to be predominantly white with the colours bleeding from it' outter edges as shown in the example above.

However during the design the Inner Glow looked to uniform if i had it on a lower spread or size. Which eventually closed out much of the white.

Maybe i just need to learn a little more on how to add additional, translucent layers of white and then adjusting the blend mode to accentuate the lighting.

Thanks for the positive words, despite it not being as originally intended i think it became organic during the design and i made some slight changes which helped negate my lack of knowledge on creating what i wanted.

Im always doing bespoke album covers for Live rips so no doubt this wont be my last.

Thanks again for the feedback.