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  1. T

    Paid Sign Recreation

    Looking to digitally have this recreated. Perspective is not needed, just need the text/fonts to be as close to the sign as possible.
  2. T

    Paid Number 1

    I know it seems simple enough, but I can not find anything that fits my needs exactly. I am looking for a number one outline as pictured here.
  3. M

    Specific Tune Squad Edit #70

    Hi! I’m looking to get the Tune squad logo recreated. I want it to say Hayden’s Squad. Having issues locating the actual font that was used for it. Any help is greatly appreciated
  4. M

    Specific Graphic Recreation

    Can someone please recreate this pixelated graphic making it more detailed and crisp with the background removed and in png format? I need it urgently. Thanks in advance, cheers!
  5. C

    How to recreate Light Bleeding/LED Aura (shown in picture)

    Hi all, i've had this idea for an album cover for a live album i've been cutting. Its basically a triangle Strobe or LED in some smoke with a black background (it's the decoration for the Concert they did) But i want to have the same type of light bleeding out from the Triangle as shown in...
  6. C

    Specific Recreate this shape

    Could someone recreate this round shape in HD? Thank you!
  7. A

    Recreate technique used in this image

    Hi there Gurus! I am trying to reproduce this crystaline/diamond effect in Photoshop but am hitting a wall. Perhaps some of you could shed some light on how this is executed? Many thanks for all your help in advance!
  8. D

    Specific Back-light for Text

    Hi everyone, I posted on the General Photoshop Board a couple of months ago regarding a commission I'm working on for a friend. More specifically, I was asking for advice on how to replicate a back-light effect to put behind some text. Whilst a user was kind enough to give me some guidance, I...
  9. D

    Advice on How to Replicate an Effect

    Hi everyone, I was recently asked by a client to replicate a logo design of hers (attached below) that she currently only has as a JPEG. I've successfully recreated the main elements (large red text, subtitle, female silhouettes etc.) but have so far been unable to accurately reproduce the...
  10. K

    How can I recreate these images ?

    Hi.I was wondering how to create these images?
  11. M

    After Effects Recreating flowing lines animation

    Hey guys! I've found this lovely animation of lines twisting and being nice in general: How would you recreate this effect? Any tip is greatly appreciated:)
  12. T

    Can Anyone Recreate This?

    Can Anyone recreate this design using the attached photos in the same order and in front of the attached logo and with the diamond? Make it blue, white, and black instead of blue and yellow thanks!
  13. M

    Trying to recreate effect shown

    Hi All, I am trying to recreate the effect shown in the attached picture where it looks like the red and white object is moving as a result of the traced path. Any suggestions or help is greatly appreciated. Thank you
  14. S

    Help to recreate this image!

    Hi folks, I want to recreate what is being done in this picture with the txt "The Problematics". But i can't really figure out how to do so, especially the shadows from the upper part of "PROBLEMATICS" is tricky in my mind :) Hope you got some tips for a young Photoshopper :)
  15. R

    Lui Bolin type effect possible with photoshop?

    Is there a way to recreate this type of blending with a photograph effect just using photoshop?
  16. M

    mirrored "ghost" effect

    if you notice there's some mirroring for the text,in the back ,something like smoked,smudged drop shadow can anyone knows how to recreate this "ghost" effect for the text,in this example? Thanks!
  17. K

    What do you call this effect and how do I recreate it?

    Good evening photoshop family. I am trying to make a similar invitation and I like the washed out/worn effect on the stripes how can I recreate that? Thank you for your assistance.
  18. N

    recreate L,a,b color mode

    is is possible to get such color drop values in ps (precision is necessary)? L 67,16 a 5,43 b 23,41
  19. Y

    Illustrator Request for direction, not directions. : )

    Hi folks, I have some vector images here and I want to recreate them for self-education purposes. Using CS6. Can you please list what skills and tools I would need to use to recreate these images? Please feel free to direct me to any websites or tutorials that have the info I want, but don't...
  20. P

    How to recreate some text

    I'm trying to recreate the look of the text in my example here. I've watched like a million videos on to outline text in Photoshop (I have cs5) and I can only get it to outline in black. Also every video I watch on how to do this is different so if there is a step I don't understand, I watch...