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  1. T

    Specific "Fixing" a picture (removing a person and fix lighting)

    Hello, Since I´m not that good with photoshop, I was wondering if someone could help me out by editing a photo. I´m looking for the 3rd person from the left to be removed and to fix up the lighting (the guys on the right especially). If it is possible please place the 2nd person on the left...
  2. C

    How to recreate Light Bleeding/LED Aura (shown in picture)

    Hi all, i've had this idea for an album cover for a live album i've been cutting. Its basically a triangle Strobe or LED in some smoke with a black background (it's the decoration for the Concert they did) But i want to have the same type of light bleeding out from the Triangle as shown in...
  3. Todoroki16315

    Specific Make face look nice and change lighting

    Hey. I would like you to make the lighting on my face look very natural and make me look very handsome. Could you also blur out the background if possible. Thank you.
  4. Pipsmom

    African Elephant's

    Practicing something different with light today..... I don't know just seems off somewhere Before FINAL
  5. Eggy

    3D Blender - The Gate

    Testing out everything within my reach I tried a more yellow-ish light but that didn't looked so good, so white it is...
  6. D

    Concert Photo

    Hey all! I'm wondering if anyone can touch up the faces in this photo so it doesn't look like we're all sweaty as well as dial down the purple light that's on on the faces from a nearby neon sign. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!:cheesygrin:
  7. M

    Lightroom Problem with background whitening

    Hi. Long story short, I have this problem with making the background white when the object in background is light in color or also close to white. I'm using adjustment brush in lightroom for this purpose. My background when I take photos is usually grey. So making it white is not a problem. But...
  8. J

    Spot highlighting?

    Hi all this image is not great quality so any help appreciated, especially anything to out the differences in light, or right hand side/bottom of image.
  9. J

    One more save the date

    Hello! I have one more photo that's in need of editing by taking out the green light dot. Can anyone help me out with this? Thank you so much!!
  10. D

    After Effects Help! Creating a Shadow Catcher creates a black square

    I have restored the settings and I am still having issues. Im new to After effects, im reading a book following tutorials and ran into an issue its not acknowledging. I am told to Create a Shadow Catcher and Light under an area of text thats on top of a video later thats been tracked. When I...
  11. R

    Swap the color of this flag

    Would someone help swap the green portion in this flag with a light beige color? That is, to make the flag appear made of a light beige cloth instead of the green cloth, while retaining all the folds and shadows. Then explain how you did it so I can make the rest of the colors I need myself...
  12. X

    Remove red light

    Can someone remove red light from right guy's head without affecting rest of the photo? Thank you in advance!
  13. N

    What techniques did he use in this photo

    on the first pic it was dark and the second one it became bright , he mix it into a video so its look like blinking light video how did he do it?
  14. R

    Please remove the light on my nose..

    Hi good day. i just want to remove that small light on my nose, that's it, thank you.
  15. G

    Ontonagon Lighthouse

    This is the Ontonagon longer in service but well maintained by the historical society. It is located in the Upper Pennsylvania of Michigan and I got this shot last summer. Lots of post-processing here because when I got the shot it was poring rain...I mean really poring. The shot...
  16. C

    Light effect help

    Hello all, I am trying to create a feature similar to the background light that you see coming from the center in the distance of this photo. I blurred out the text of the image and am not concerned with its blue tint, but more so discovering the most efficient way to create the astral light...
  17. K

    How to make light shine out of an object?

    Hello, I am currently wanting to crate a glowing effect out of this picture of a trunk. Basically I want to make it look like a T.A.R.D.I.S from doctor who in the way that when the lid is opened the light from inside spills out all cool and mysterious like. Can anyone point me in the...
  18. M

    Photoshop colouring fill request

    Hi Everyone, So I am just in the process of finalizing a few last minute items before my wedding in 2 weeks. One of which is for my photobooth, as we were asked to design the cartoon's we want on the photostrips as well as the 'touch to start' screens. Anyhow, so I spent a long time drawing...
  19. C

    What style is this?

    Don't mind the crappy job, I'm new to the whole experience. I have spent days searching for this style/design of photos with no luck, so I decided to attempt to do it myself and post to ask what this is called. Here are the before and after images. I do not own the image. I cut out a piece...
  20. J

    How can I make a compact disk back side light refraction rainbow effect ?

    Hello, I'm a complete beginner to the world of photoshop. I saw tutorials about how to make CD front side cover on youtube. But there is no tutorial for making the back side of a CD ... an this is the most complicated (in my view) since we outta take into account the rainbow light diffraction...