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  1. S

    How is this done .. ?

    ello ! here's a picture I came cross and since am playing around with PS and trying to learn, would like to know how is this done. Make sure to begin with the basics for this since writing up the process in hardly two lines won't help me much! ...
  2. M

    Add shadows from a specific light source?

    Recently i have been photoshopping my friends faces onto movie posters for the fun of it My friend requested me to do this poster Now i was wondering how i could get the shadows on the right sides of the faces if i were to paste in the faces of my friends... any suggestions?
  3. B

    Removing light glare on a wall

    Hi I am trying to remove glare from a wall. I have tried the stamp tool, but it ended up looking patchy; I tried using the masking tool and changing the saturation and colour levels but it just didn't look right. Is there any other way to do this and making it look natural - I am stumped! I...
  4. V

    Execute An Electrifying Light Whip

    This tutorial shows you how to animate an electric whip using two methods either in After Effects or Flash (for a unique result). We’ll then brings the animation to life by adding a shiny glow, as well as some warped lightning. Lastly, we’ll cover how to put in the finishing touches to sell the...
  5. F

    Always get a light coloured halo around my selection.

    Trying to figure out how to stick one image on top of another. Select what I want, delete everything else, copy then paste into a new layer on top of the target background. I can't get rid of the halo around the image! Have spent many unhappy hour with the refine edge tool; am I missing something?
  6. V

    Need help adding light beams to a face

    Hey all im trying to create the same exact effect as in my picture below , how would I go about doing this:
  7. V

    How to Make 3D Neon Light Typography

    This is a new addition to the VideoCreative section. This is a super creative tutorial with a professional results. Learn how to create dynamic 3D Neon lettering with a hefty dose of Photoshop techniques and a dash of Illustrator know-how. Learn more at the jump! * View This Tutorials and...
  8. R


    Before: And After: From darkness into the light, eh? It only took a few minutes, but I like it.... I'll need to start doing more advanced stuff :P
  9. R

    how to generate this light effect

    I am trying to replicate the attached effect and am wondering the best way to go about doing so. I need to make mocks of a Facebook game for this company so it should be a close as possible. Particularly, I need to generate the blurry circles and grainy-ish effect that is primarily seen on the...
  10. Z

    light to lightning.

    This image was just a little bit of fun. Feel free to share any effects that might go nicely with this, I'm open to suggestions.
  11. C

    How can I Feather to dark or black rather than feather to light in Photoshop?

    How can I Feather around an image to dark or black rather than feather to light? Or would it be called Inverse Feather? Any ideas? Or is this not possible?
  12. M

    anyone have a tutorial on changing light sources?

    i have a photo of a man shot with very flat neutral light and a woman shot with an intense spotlight above and to the left of her. put together it's obvious they weren't shot at the same time. how can i make him look like he was standing in the same lighting? almost anything i do looks painted...
  13. E

    Help making light shine through a shape or design, like a cutout or stencil

    What I'm saying is basically you have a black background, and a shape is cutout of it and light is shining through. Like a jack-o-lantern, but that's not what I'm making. I've seen a tutorial with text but I'm doing a shape with much thicker lines than text. I'm not looking for any kind of...
  14. ibclare

    light saber needs more light

    I tried lots of different things to make tis sucker glow, but I'm not satisfied. I did a lens flare inside and a motion blue and a layer mode change with a copy below. I have seen an effect getting a lens flare outside the object; in fact I watched a tutorial, fashion edits to make a sparkle...
  15. M

    How to Create this Text effect & Light effect?

    [1] I wanna know that how to create this text Effect with that cut marks? I mean that Text looks like Cut to Defferent Pisces! I Dont know how to explain that Effect mainly how to create that? :cheesygrin: :banghead: [2] How to Create that Light Effect? It's more Helpful if u guys can give...
  16. K

    dont know what this effect is called

    don't know if this is the wrong place but i was hoping someone could tell me what this effect is called thanks