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  1. B

    Need Help with Photo newbie

    Hi everyone is there anyone who can help me or teach me fix this photo? the problem is that the light from the projector made a mess of the faces please help me thanks!!!
  2. D

    Using Photoshop to help with removing light leak on image.

    I have a number of images that have a light leak from the right hand side of the image across the bride's arm which I have tried to repair but everything I have tried just looks wrong. Can anyone help me?
  3. G

    Challenge to sharpen biggest galaxy picture...

    I linked here to the biggest picture of any galaxy taken by the Hubble telescope of Andromeda, M31. It is such an incredible photo, and when I zoom in, I can see each star. But, as good as the Hubble is, each star is a bit of a blur due to the very long exposure times, and weaknesses of the...
  4. M

    Manipulation question: "what should I do with this damn hard light?"

    Hi! So: I've been trying to get rid of those 4 spots of light to the right of the image for hours and I can't seem to do it without messing up the color of the wall/the vertical shadow which I intend to keep/my entire life. Tips? Teachings? I welcome your knowledge and gentleness.
  5. E

    Seeking quick help to adjust a photo offering $10 paypal

    Hello, Took a beautiful photo at a wedding sunday of me and my boyfriend. Unfortunately the stupid light fixture above us made his shaved/bald head look really exaggerated-- bald. If you would be willing to 'tone down' this strange "alien-like" effect, Ill send you $10 on paypal if it works! I...
  6. Tom Mann

    Woo-hoo!! I found a $15 solution to a lighting (grip) problem I've had for years.

    Have you ever been called on to photograph someone in an office that is so small, there isn't room to put up even one light stand, let alone two. So, if you can't move them to another location, you fiddle around try to get good lighting angles by laying some small flashes on the tops of...
  7. J

    Darken Light Bulb Desciption on the Bulb with Photoshop

    I took a photo of a light bulb and need to darken the information that comes on the light bulb. How can I do that.
  8. J


    Jenelle I am a webmaster for a Light bulb company. I work in photoshop to edit photos of the light bulbs and to design graphics for the websites.
  9. K

    Warm Light Glow Effect

    I just wanted to ask if anyone had an idea of how to do this specific effect. I messed with some warming light and some saturation as well as contrast and got it pretty close but I felt like there is still something missing.. It could certainly be the darkness of that image contrasting with the...
  10. M

    Light effects blended on white

    Hello everyone, I have a very big issue that I don't know how to sort out. I'm creating some mockups of some fashion products and I'm planning to use some "light strokes" effects. Usually you achieve this blending some light strokes on a black background on using "Multiply" etc. on an image that...
  11. Tom Mann

    Artificial lighting: How many strobes / flashes did it take to ligh each of these?

    I don't know if anyone might be interested in this, but recently on other forums (and not so recently, here), I've witnessed heated discussions break out as people are trying to figure out how many strobes / flashes the photographer actually used. Lighting is the absolute foundation of all...
  12. W

    Creating infrared skin tones in Photoshop

    Hello all! I have a particular problem with a film shoot I am in R&D on at the moment. I need a few of my characters' skin tones to have an infrared quality to it, but want the rest of the scene to be in normal visible light. So it's literally only the skin that is infrared. See image for...
  13. N

    Grain in pic.

    Hey everyone.and especially those who have helped in me the past..this is one of the shots i have taken last or so. In photoshop it looks good..but when converting to SRGB and save it as JPG (save for web) and viewing it on screen, some colors in area seems to be have been lost. You can see the...
  14. Tom Mann

    Preventing theft of photo gear when covering public or semi-public events.

    Often, I'm the main (or only) photographer at semi-official events like receptions, faculty meetings, parties, work-related luncheons and dinners at restaurants, etc.. For these, I need better quality lighting than one can get using a single on-camera flash, but I don't need (and I may not...
  15. Evil Nemesis

    Additional Light Effect

    Hi, Hope you all are doing great out there. :thumbsup: What could be the fastest way to achieve this blue light effect in PS : Peace.
  16. B

    Board Text

    I'm not much of a complainer but...the text on the board is a nightmare for me to try and read because it's way to light. I have a lot of friends that won't even come here and go somewhere else because of the color of the text and I'm beginning to feel the same way. It may be the trends but...
  17. J

    I have 60 pictures of the same object but the light and the color varies between them

    I'm taking pictures of a product 360 degrees and noticed small variations of light and color and want to equalize between all images. I do not want to apply the same effect at all, so I do know the Automate. I want to adjust all the photos based on a standard photo with adjustable pre-defined...
  18. MrToM

    IBL or HDR images as light source.

    Some time ago I posted in a thread about HDR. One reply was this: Only too happy to oblige. [This is half size] I don't think I got it quite right, somehow I managed to lose the BG plate between the garden and the office so I had to 'fudge' it a little. I could show you the 'without the...
  19. G

    Advanced Question: swapping shadow with light

    Hi!, I have a question considering the photo below (I hope it's clear enought). Because of the lighting, the small craters in the wall are filled with shadow. I want to get rid of these shadows and highlight them instead (I want them to be brighter than the rest of the wall). Everytime I...
  20. Nordin

    Image manipulation (power of shadows and lights)

    Hey!!! The strength of dealing with shadows and lights when it comes to putting together several pictures realistic is huge. If you can see where it's needed lighting / shadows, then the whole process gets much easier! Ask questions like: When the object get close to the objects what kind of...