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Hi everyone, Im new here and have what feels like a dumb simple question but I cant find anything online to help me.
I am trying to take this 16x16 tileset and resize it to be 32x32 tileset, so essentially I just need to double the size. Problem is when I do that, the image gets all fuzzy. Its a Pokemon style picture where you are suppose to see the pixels. In the past Ive been hand painting each pixel to get them to the desired size without losing the original quality, but there has to be a faster way. Can someone explain to me what I need to do to?
16x16 Fear Town.png


Hi and welcome to PSG

I don't think it's possible to resize such low resolution images without the blurring effect in PS although I could be wrong, that been said you can resize them in Adobe Illustrator
In the below on the left is the original image converted to a smart object resized in PS and on the right is the same image scaled double it's size without the blurring effect


I just proved myself wrong :rofl:
Another option would be to go to Image, Image Size in Photoshop and increase the size from160 px to 320 px and select this option

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