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resize images

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    Actions - Losing the will to live - please help!

    Hi all, Please give me some insight into what i'm doing wrong with this action - it's driving me insane! 😭 // What i'm trying to do I'm trying to resize 120 images to a 600 x 600 px canvas whilst maintaining the original file name. The file name is the SKU for woocommerce, so it needs to...
  2. M

    Resizing Question

    Hi everyone, Im new here and have what feels like a dumb simple question but I cant find anything online to help me. I am trying to take this 16x16 tileset and resize it to be 32x32 tileset, so essentially I just need to double the size. Problem is when I do that, the image gets all fuzzy. Its a...
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    resize image to small size but keep it sharp

    I have an image with 1366px x 1464px size, it is a screenshoot of a webpage btw. I just resize it to 336px x 360px and keep the aspect ratio. But, the resized image result looks a bit ugly, the text inside the image a bit dotted and blurry. Is there any better way to keep the smaller image look...
  4. R

    Optimizing image for full page desktop with supports for responsive design

    Greetings Gurus :) Recently I have requested one of my friend to design a website for a non profit charitable organization. My friend developed using html and bootstrap. He delivered the website. I found the website is loading slow. The website has full page image with slider in homepage. All...
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    Resizing 11x14 image to 4x6 postcard size

    Hello, I am having a lot of trouble resizing an image of 11x14 (10.837x13.907) to 4x6 postcard. I want to do a bleed, so it may have to be a bit bigger than 4x6, more like 4.25x6.25; however, when I resize with constrain proportions with the width of 4" the length is too small at 5.138" or if...
  6. M

    Batch processing - rename and re-size

    Hi all, Wondering if anyone can help with the following: I have 115 files that I need to create six files respectively from each, a total of 690 files. Each of the batched six files are different sizes and the last two numbers need to change. For example, I start with 781.08, from there I get...
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    Hi there, novice to Photoshop 7, need help with basics ( resizing an image)

    Hi guys, I have joined this forum wishing to get help with resizing images. I am trying to follow a lesson plan...but it doesn't look the way they say it will. I am trying to make digital collages for jewellery making. I have bought templates but am having trouble resizing images and need help...