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Actions - Losing the will to live - please help!


New Member
Hi all,

Please give me some insight into what i'm doing wrong with this action - it's driving me insane! 😭

// What i'm trying to do

I'm trying to resize 120 images to a 600 x 600 px canvas whilst maintaining the original file name.
The file name is the SKU for woocommerce, so it needs to save the original name so i can easily upload them to the store.

// How i'm currently trying to do this

Action 1 > Fit to Canvas

  1. Open Image
  2. Create new layer
  3. Unlock background layer
  4. Background Layer becomes 'Layer 0'
  5. Drag 'Layer 0' to top
  6. Resize Canvas to 600 x 600 px
  7. Convert 'Layer 0' for Smart Filters
  8. Double Click 'Layer 0'
  9. Save As .psd in a folder called 'Resize'
  10. Close the window and go back to original.
  11. Delete 'Layer 0'
  12. Place Embedded (File i just saved above)
  13. Place
So that's my resizing steps. I then run the main command

Action 2 > Resize Images

  1. Open Image
  2. Unlock Layer (Becomes Layer 0)
  3. Create Layer
  4. Drag 'Layer 0' to top
  5. Resize Canvas to 600 x 600 px
  6. Run Action 1
  7. Save-As .jpg
  8. Close window
So the actions are going through,

  • Saves as a .jpg
  • Saves as the original filename
  • Does not resize to 600 x 600 px
  • The first image in the batch does resize though...
Any ideas peeps? Pulling hair here 😭

Many thanks,