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  1. P

    Specific Can anobody make this LOTR-picture square shaped?

    It is for a DIY-project. I would be most thankful. I all ready received an edit with one picture which is great.
  2. igi7

    Specific [Resize large image]

    Hi all, Briefly, I need a professional hand with my file. I have created a diagram relating to Ancient Greece by using The effect via that platform is great! Same about getting it via pdf reader. However, I would like to promote it via a PNG file that will be easily accessible...
  3. A


    Hi, I got a digital artwork done for my husband for christmas. The website i need to upload it to to be printed is asking me to resize the image to 594mm wide x 420mm high (to go in an A2 frame). I go into image size in Photoshop to change the width and height but when i enter 594mm wide it...
  4. A

    Actions - Losing the will to live - please help!

    Hi all, Please give me some insight into what i'm doing wrong with this action - it's driving me insane! 😭 // What i'm trying to do I'm trying to resize 120 images to a 600 x 600 px canvas whilst maintaining the original file name. The file name is the SKU for woocommerce, so it needs to...
  5. C

    Specific Crop fixing & resizing - Thank you!!!

    Hello everyone! I need a huge favor. I am freaking out on Photoshop right now. I need this picture (see attached files) in a 2500 x 2500 px . The person needs to be in the center and if possible could you create some more background (background awareness) on the left side right next to the...
  6. J

    Batch Resizing Images

    Hi Guys, I am interested to know how I can batch resize images through actions and automation? I want to be able to automate the resizing process and also have the resized images open within a single A4 document as layers instead of having to drag/copy and paste every single resized image back...
  7. M


    Hello, I am in charge of populating my companies website with images and I am having serious difficulty dealing with image sizes etc.. I have a Soliloquy slider at the top of the home page but its image resolution restriction is really hard to work with. It wants images at 1440 x 466. How do I...
  8. J

    Batch Automation Inspiration required to establish process for automation - please!

    Hi there, I hope that I am posting in the right place ;-) Having followed members advice previously I have managed to pick up a number of tips which have helped me acheive certain things in the past - but this time the real problem I have is working out what (and if!) I need to do before I...
  9. R

    Help to remove lady from image

    I would greatly appreciate help in removing the lady in the blue bag from the picture. If not possible, is it possible to blur out instead? Image is uploaded via the link below. I am unable to resize it as it distorts the image.
  10. G

    Request: need help in resizing a picture.

    Hello greetings everyone. I had created a logo for a youtube channel using those free logo websites however it's in really low quality. I'm wondering if the picture can be resize into 800x800 for the logo and 2560x1440 for the channel cover. Below is the image Really appreciate the help...
  11. C

    How to resize an image on top of another image

    I have an image on layer 2 on top of my background image, and want to resize it the image on layer 2. How is this done?
  12. D

    Scripting Photoshop - Microsoft Excel Macro

    Hey Guys, I am new here so I apologise if I am posting this in the wrong place. Here is what we are looking to do: - Open a file - Duplicate the layer - Resize to place the layers next to each other, the same size - Save the file as a new name - Repeat the process We have already set up the...
  13. D

    Best image resizing plugins? Pros and cons.

    Image resizing is an important part of image processing work. There is a huge array of different methods with different benefits and sometimes abhorrent artifacts. I'm new to Photoshop but I'm impressed with the wide array of enlargement plugins available. A few enlargement plugins have been...
  14. F

    Compressing Jpegs to a specific size

    Images need to be resized from LARGE Tiffs or Jpegs to a specific web size BUT still keeping the image quality... Image Size: 1600px long side, 72DPI and each shot compressed and sharpened for web with no file over 130kb. File size needs to be 130kb or under - then when opened in photoshop -...
  15. P

    resize image to small size but keep it sharp

    I have an image with 1366px x 1464px size, it is a screenshoot of a webpage btw. I just resize it to 336px x 360px and keep the aspect ratio. But, the resized image result looks a bit ugly, the text inside the image a bit dotted and blurry. Is there any better way to keep the smaller image look...
  16. R

    Resize tabs in photoshop

    Hey guys, I would like to resize the tabs in photoshop. Is this possible, and yes, how do i adjust them? (see red arrow in the image below) Thnx
  17. Pipsmom

    Resizing worries

    I've just started making a special imagine for Christmas to use as my signature on a dog forum that I moderate. That project being hard enough for this Newby ........I'm panicking already that I won't be able to resize it to the permitted size permitted there ( 300x200) that will include all of...
  18. A

    Batch Automation cropping phtos

    Hi there! I've got just 100 people portrait photos. Different format, different focus. There are ones that horizontal, there are others vertical, there are that ones that not even centered/aligned. What I want to do is to resize them all cropping only face. Is there by any chance some action...
  19. Z

    Are there any methods to resize images automatically with the given in photoshop ?

    Hi Gurus, Is there any method to automatically resize images in Photoshop ? i need to resize lot of images from huge sizes to a particular sizes.Its taking me hell lot of time to use the transform tool while holding the shift key to make the resize perfect. Are there any simple methods to resize...
  20. thePixelPixie

    Need to reconfigure image to fit different dimensions...

    Hi there, I'm a long-time Illustrator user, but only rarely use Photoshop. But I just got a client project that requires a bit more complexity than I'm comfortable with currently. Trying to figure out the best way to do this, so I'm hoping some experts here will be willing to give me some...