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  1. C

    Photoshop trying to save images to 100 x 100

    I set up a photoshop action last night to resize and save a batch of png files this worked ok however it gave two copies of each image for some reason which was not a big issue for me however when I try and save a png file today it is trying to resize it upon save to 100 x 100 pixels, I just...
  2. E

    Resizing a psd

    when i resize a psd circles in it the circles sides get deformation how can i resize without deformation?
  3. J

    need help on resize and combining of image

    Dear all, i was trying to combine 6 image together this is how i do it. 1) create a new image 2560x768 2)so let say 2560 x 768 my image comes with portrait so 6 image = 2560/6 = 426.6. i resize my image to 426.6 x 768 without aspect ratio lock because if lock was on the number will jump. but...
  4. C

    Copy Paste Auto Resize

    When I marque paste a jpg into an existing Photoshop document in CS5, I need the image to resize to my Photoshop document. It's such a hassle to copy/paste, and then have to downsize (or upsize) it everytime. Is there something I can change in preferences? Or a way to do this?
  5. B

    Resizing a single image among many?

    Hi, I'm using Photoshop CS6, and I was wondering if there was a way to resize a SINGLE image when you have more than one image in the same window? This can easily be done when there's only one image in the window. You just have to choose the Rectangular Marquee Tool to highlight the single...
  6. chrisjames105

    Shirt design question

    So I have the opportunity to design some shirts for a few different fitness channels on youtube and I needed to ask the Gurus! Is there a certain size document I should be starting with and also resolution? Im not educated at all on the topic and I want to avoid sending them a project and if...
  7. D

    How to resize photos without losing quality

    Hi, i am new to this forum, i hope to feel great and receive awesome support and time to time help other people. I wanted to know from experts how i can resize the photos without lost of quality? I want to use this photos on my website, with dimension of 900x600, do you suggest me to use...
  8. S

    Help resizeing a shape

    Hello, I'm in a bit of a hurry with this one and looked all over for how to do it. I have a logo I need to print out very big, every part in A3. Every letter went fine because you can resize words w/o them getting bad resolution. I have made an eggshape from a real egg picture. "Just white with...
  9. I

    Custom shapes losing quality when resized.

    Hi everyone, As the title pretty much points out, when I try to resize a custom shape it loses quality and the edges become kinda jagged. Does anyone know how I can stop this from happening? It doesn't seem to matter if I resize the shape before or after rasterizing it. Thanks!
  10. anonymust

    Action to strip EXIF data.

    I would like to make an action to do the following 1) Resize the image to 600x600 without losing any image quality (or dots per inch) 2) Strip all the EXIF data 3) Save the image (and also IF the image is a PNG format, convert it to JPG) How can I get this done?
  11. Y

    image enlargement/zoom/resize photoshop

    I have a jpg image and i am trying to enlarge the image using photoshop As soon as i open a image and go image-image size and try to choose enlargement options, the picture pixel gets shredded. Please let me know how to enlarge image upto 1000% without loosing the image pixel and making the...
  12. A

    Selecting, Resizing. Pasting Numerous times, quickly, easily - how?

    I had some manuscript music where the piece is spread over two sheets of paper and I would like to condense it down to one sheet. If I cut all the white space out and reduce the size of the font and cut out the chord symbols below the stave it will all fit on one sheet, I know, I've done it...
  13. A

    Resizing 11x14 image to 4x6 postcard size

    Hello, I am having a lot of trouble resizing an image of 11x14 (10.837x13.907) to 4x6 postcard. I want to do a bleed, so it may have to be a bit bigger than 4x6, more like 4.25x6.25; however, when I resize with constrain proportions with the width of 4" the length is too small at 5.138" or if...
  14. M

    First time creating a GUI

    Hi there. This is my first post on this forum, and I'm not very experienced with Photoshop. I am trying to create a GUI for a home automation system. I just have a few questions I was hoping to get some help with. I bought a button pack that comes in a psd file. Each button is a...
  15. E

    How to resize an image and keep the proportions?

    Hello, I know this is very easy, but I am seriously stuck with this one. How do I resize images and keep the standard proportions of my images? Now when I change width or height, my image get stretched. Thanks in advance :)
  16. J

    Pixel gone after resize?

    Hello, I couldn't find anything related to my problem. I'm using CS5 version and all the time I get frustrated. I'm creating web designs, and I need pixel perfect sized objects. The problem is, with CS5 I can't specify exact size I want. Let's say I draw a rectangle and set it's measures to...
  17. M

    Cropping from a directory

    I have a directory from a client with around 20,000 photos. most are in landscape format, while some in portrait format. The client wants all the photos cropped to 800x600 for the landscape and 600x??? for the portrait. With such a large number of photos what is the best way to get this done...
  18. M

    Pic resize

    Hi, I attached 2 pictures. How do i make the transform from "original" to "new" picture ? I tried to play with pic size to make it same, but result is not same. Thanks
  19. M

    How To Resize An Image

    I was watching a tutorial on YouTube, how to create a Facebook Icon in Photoshop. So I went ahead and created the Facebook Icon, but one problem, it was 235px High and 235px Wide. Kinda big, but that's the size the the guy in the tutorial used, so I followed suet. But really I want to create a...
  20. M

    Resizing an Image in CS5 (Without using Image Resize)

    Hello, I just got CS5 and wanted to resize my image. Now I know I can go to Menu > Resize image, but thats not what I want. In CS3 I could use the Move Tool and a Black Box with 8 little black boxes around the image would appear and I could resize the picture with them. How do I re-enable...