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How To Resize An Image


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I was watching a tutorial on YouTube, how to create a Facebook Icon in Photoshop. So I went ahead and created the Facebook Icon, but one problem, it was 235px High and 235px Wide. Kinda big, but that's the size the the guy in the tutorial used, so I followed suet. But really I want to create a Facebook Icon that is 32px in height and 32px in width, but designing seems so much easier when the object your working on is bigger.
Can I design a large Icon, and then get it down to the size I want, Or do I design it 32 by 32?

Thank you
Just go to image> size and put the new pixel dimensions in it is not so bad going smaller but can not really be done going bigger in this case you are lucky as the aspect ratio is the same
IMO, it is better to use a bigger image size to design and then sizing it down to the preferred size needed. The important thing to note is the image should be in the same scale. If you want to have 32px x 32px for the final product, then maybe you can use 320px x 320px when designing it.

I recommend to design in a big Image Size and after that you can sizing it to smaller dimension like 32px x 32px using cmd + (i) or ctrl (i) or image > Image Size... don't forget to check the "constrain proportion" option. Cheers :")