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Cropping from a directory


I have a directory from a client with around 20,000 photos. most are in landscape format, while some in portrait format. The client wants all the photos cropped to 800x600 for the landscape and 600x??? for the portrait. With such a large number of photos what is the best way to get this done. Is there any type of logic I can apply to a photoshop script that can determine the image size and what it should be cropped, or resized to?

Any other ideas?
If you want the documents cropped they would have to be done one at a time as cropping the same area in each photo would not give you the desired results.

What you can do is use File - Scripts - Image Processor and use Resize to Fit set the Width to 800 and the Height to whatever you want a portrait height to be.
Everything seems to work like you explained. Thanks - now the photos, as given to me, when resized are 800x533 - I need them to be 800x600, is there a way to not constrain the width/height together, while still accomplishing the same thing?
It is possible but then all the pictures would be distorted!

You need to go back to the client and find out what he wants as the pictures are not of the correct ratio to resize to 800 x 600.

If this is exactly what he needs then it would mean cropping each picture in turn.

Another way would be to add white space around each picture so they would be 800 x 600 but that would require a custom script.
I think it may be okay, these are for web use, so a little bit of stretching may be acceptable. Just depends on what they actually look like once they have been resized to that 600px height...
Ok in that case you will have to create an action for a landscape picture and an action for a Portrait picture.
The action would record :
Image - Image Size - Untick Constrain Proportions Set Width to 800 and height to 600

You could then use Image Processor to run this action (on Landscape pictures)

Create another action for Portrait and run that action for Portrait pictures.
Yea, I saw the ability to add an action to the end of that script - there is no distinction between landscape and portrait in the directory with the images so picking them out by hand almost negates any benefit of using this script - is there any way to add some logic to this? So that if the images is xxx use this action and if the image is not the use this other action?
The easy way is to use Adobe Bridge, Explorer or Finder to select all portrait/landscape and copy/move them to thier own folder.

It would need a custom script otherwise.