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  1. T

    Photoshop CS4 Extended hangs when I try to resize a JPEG image

    Photoshop CS4 Extended hangs up when I try to resize an image. The image is a JPEG and is only 52KB. It hangs up when resizing the same size tiff and photoshop file types. Does anyone know of a solution to this issue?
  2. Steve

    Perfect Resize 7 formerly Genuine Fractals vs Photoshop Image Size.

    My personal, non scientific, review. I had a 18-135 zoom lens on my camera and wasn't looking for bird shots when somebody said eagle. There he was a bald eagle flying by so I took the shot at 135mm: I cropped and saved it to the size shown. I enlarged the crop from 692 X 508px to...
  3. B

    Can I resize the canvas by dragging and dropping?

    Hi. I have images that are bigger than the canvas. In MS Paint you can drag the corners of the canvas to reduce the size so they match the image exactly and there is no extra space to ruin the framing of the image. I've included a screenshot that shows the drag-dots. In Photoshop CS5 I cant...
  4. K

    resize a small image

    Hello people. I have a small image with dimensions 31 x 31. I want to make a new image with dimension 1920 x 100 and fiil it with copies of the original size of the smal image. Any idea how to do that??
  5. J

    Crop Tool - I keep getting the Crop Tool constrained when I want to resize

    In CS2 Photoshop for the mac, every time I try to resize an image I get the Crop Selector Tool doing a constrained formation of the selector. I can't put the selector around an image and form it to a random pattern of my choosing. I tried searching this and can not come up with an answer. I...
  6. A

    Repairing choppy pixels after resizing...

    Basically... I want to enlarge a small picture, but I need to learn how to repair the pixels from their stretched out, or "blocky", state. I suspect there may be an alternative trick to this other than what I asked for, but at least the general goal is on the table. Thanks in advance...
  7. G

    Croping/trimming/resizing multiple images

    Hello all, I am hoping some of you Photoshop experts can help us out with a large project we are working on. We have an ecommerce website with over 10,000 products across multiple categories. Each product has 1-5 pictures of the product. When adding these products we received images from...
  8. S

    Automate Partial Cropping

    I have about 500 pictures that I resized to 725 pixels wide and 72 DPI. These images now need to be resized to 467 pixels wide by 273 so they fit into the space allotted by my web designer. The issue however is that the photos are of varying different heights -some are portrait and some are...
  9. L

    Resizing large number of jpegs?

    How do i resize a large number (say, more than 1000) of images? I have tried using Adobe Bridge but because it autorotates them i have to select all the vertical images manually, then all the horizontal images, then batch them to carry out a specific action I made for the size i want.... There...