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  • Hello, I cant seem to post images. Im not sure what is happening but Im getting a message that tells me I must have 5 posts before Im allowed...?
    Steve is it possible to modify my user name without losing my statistics?. I feel the user name I have now is too long and should be shorter..something like ALB68 etc.
    Hello Steve,
    A thread generated by me on today morning to get help for one free image editing job has been closed by you.... In this case still how can I expect help from any members?
    Sorry, if I have posted this here wrongly...

    Thank you Steve for your reply about my activation problem, ı have just figured out that the mail including the activation mail was in "junk" section, ı don't know why.
    thanks for the like Steve, i like the retouch work and the recolour ones time consuming but fun.
    Thanks for the tip! I was unable to attach a zip file to a post, but I posted download links to my thread.
    after how many posts do i allowed to put link in signature reply thanks in advance

    username sam123
    status newbie
    Sorry late reply... don't understand where your msg went.

    There was this individual who registered yesterday- everything in his profile contained a single link to a site... and the curious me had to explore,,, My anti-virus kicked in. I may be wrong... I had other pages open at the time.... . Now when I searched for his profile , I can't find it.

    Just wanted you to know.
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