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  1. U

    Warp effect template

    Is it possible to create a filter or template or some kind to get the same warp effect every time I add a new smart object? I photoshop t-shirt designs onto photos of the shirts themselves, but want to warp the designs so it flows with the fold/wrinkle/bends of the shirt. I can get this done by...
  2. E

    Photoshop mockups templates

    Dear Photoshop Gurus members, I'm trying to sell my WordPress theme on Envato market, but I want to make a great impression for the description of the product I want to sell, like for example Avada theme uses an attractive images to on the description of their theme...
  3. M

    After Effects Problems adjusting a template

    Hi there I have downloaded a template which is the following: In the trailer there is a variety of fade in styles displayed, however in the template itself i can not adjust this and only have the text or pictures/videos flying in in the same way. I would like to...
  4. A

    Need help on resizing, removing background, and fitting them in template

    Please delete
  5. S

    Template help

    Hello Guys! Thanks in advance for your help. I am trying to get this image on this template for a full-print all over print t-shirt. I've included what magic I did with the band-aid tool :) Could someone help me with placement of this image inside the template? There need to be a little bit of...
  6. C

    Layer Effects in MockUp Template for Logos

    I bought a mockup template to use for my logos that would be going in a portfolio on my website. My logos is black and red. I brought my logo into the template but don't know how to manipulate the layer effects to get the color for my logo. Below is how my logo looks and a screenshot of the...
  7. K

    Please teach me how I can extend this artwork

    Hello, I been looking around for some videos but I'm not sure exactly what to look for, I am new to photoshop and I'm hoping someone can offer me some guidance here. Please see the attached image. I resized the image and I know how to crop to create more space to work with.. but thats pretty...
  8. F

    Help with Metallic layers

    Hi guy's , I need some help with metallic layers , I paint car templates and I want to put metallic layers on my templates . So I have the car template and I also have the metallic layers identical to the template. So what I need to know how to do is get the metallic layers onto my car...
  9. M

    After Effects Editing a template in AE

    I'm new to After Effects so I'm hoping someone can advise me regarding editing of templates. I want to create a short 8 - 10 second intro for a series of videos I'm going to make. I've found a template on VideoHive that I really like. It shows a search box where the input text changes into a...
  10. E

    A free snowflakes template for Photoshop

    Hi there, In this tutorial I'm gonna show you how to apply the snowflakes template that I created, on any winter photo that you take. You will also have the opportunity to download this template and use it however you want. Here is the YouTube tutorial: FREE SNOWFLAKES TEMPLATE Here is the...
  11. J

    Brand Design Template - Bugging me

    Hi everyone, This is just a quick question to ask something that I have been wondering a while. I would like to try and design my own brand and I have been looking on various websites on how to do this. It seems that there is some sort of blank template or layout by Photoshop or from a 3rd...
  12. 1

    How to do this? Jagged edged hole

    Does anyone know how to create the jagged edge around the player.... or is there a template I could use... thanks...Dave
  13. H

    Photoshop CS6 advise re Latte Layer/Template

    Hi All, I have an issue with a recently created layer/template, before I explain the issue, it's best I explain the reason for creating this template. I use Photoshop to create all my images/texts used for Sublimation, ie I create mug art work, images and text to be pressed to mugs, this all...
  14. X

    Photo template that allows oversized images without overlap

    I need to make a template that allows multiple image that will stay within it's own boundary but doesn't require that I crop each image. As I want to be able to move the image around within it's invisible border. I should make an example image. But imagine 4 images 2x2, and that you don't want...
  15. mikecox

    Can someone recommend a more efficient workflow?

    I am creating a 30 page book in Ps using a template file I created; basically an image size that represents the page size. Here is my workflow. I select a group of images in Lr, Move them to Ps using "Edit in" drag each image into the template file, one by one. delete the imported images...
  16. G

    create layer template with color choices?

    I have a .psd file that serves as templet with 10 different colored layers. As needed, I copy one of the layers and then paste it into another .psd tab/file. For example, if I need 5 REDS, I c/p the red layer of my template, duplicate it 4 times and then arrange as needed. Is there a way to...
  17. J

    Airplane Template

    Hi everyone, I'm really sorry if im posting this into the wrong place. I have a question about plane templates, and I have zero knowledge with photoshop and templates, but im really eager to learn how to do this. how could someone turn this picture into this? I know its probably too hard...
  18. N

    Template Creation

    Hi All I have recently registered on this site and posted in the "introduction" forum. I am hoping someone can help in the creation of a template, it's a little strange and I'm not 100% sure it is possible but thought I would ask anyway. I am hoping to create a template that I can load a...
  19. N

    Hello to you all

    Hi All Just registered and thought I would introduce myself. I'm a keen amateur photographer, I live in the UK and currently own a Canon 5D MKII and a whole host of studio gear. I'm hoping to pick up some useful tips and tricks here. I do have a requirement for a photoshop template at the...
  20. P

    Layers are supposed to be same size but don't look like it

    see attach I have a template in the background. I have a selection from another image that I cut and pasted into the template. The obviously don't match and I want them to appear the same size (they are the same proportions) BUT I need them to match precisely, ie I need the image to fit...