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Template help


Hello Guys!

Thanks in advance for your help. I am trying to get this image on this template for a full-print all over print t-shirt. I've included what magic I did with the band-aid tool :)

Could someone help me with placement of this image inside the template? There need to be a little bit of room on the edges and around the sleeve area so it's probably a good idea to make the face a little smaller - where the sleeves connect to the main shirt, there will be a gap when I have the shirt made.

My attempt.

I know the hair on top looks very fake. Best I can do under the circumstances.:)
View attachment 74770

Hi, yes! This is very close to what I am looking for. You did a GREAT job. I think she may need to be slightly smaller. Perhaps, I may just be trying to use the wrong photo for a shirt?... While the positioning is good, her head will be cut where the sleeves meet the shirt. I was told it is important not to have areas of detail around where the sleeves meet the shirt and away from the edges. I saw the printing process, I'll try and upload a photo of where the cut actually will be.

Thanks! I'm very glad to see that this editing CAN be done
And now for a totally different approach. I just blended in a larger copy of the original in the background with some transparency to black (white might be good too)

Just another approach to consider

John Wheeler