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  1. T

    Pen tool makes inverse selections...?

    Whenever I use the pen tool to make a selection, the selected area is the inverse of the area enclosed by my path (i.e. I make a circle, the area outside the circle is selected). I'm finding this a bit of an annoyance because I nearly always forget to invert the selection before applying my mask...
  2. C

    can someone slim me down a bit please?

    Could someone make skinnier my face and chin area please? love your work guys <3
  3. S

    Background changing

    Can u please Change the background with some sort of town area with buildings n all
  4. T

    how to calculate delta e for two areas ?

    Hi all, is it possible to calculate delta e for an area in photoshop? I do not want to use the sampler to get the values, I am using the histogram to get the area LAB or RGB values. Thank you in advance Taz
  5. R

    Paint Bucket not filling solid area on separate layer?

    The solution is probably simple, but I have never run into this issue previously. Can anyone tell me why the paint bucket tool is not completely filling a selected area on a top layer? The selected area should be completely white, but it seems to have a subtle outline of the layer I traced from...
  6. S

    Align and center

    Hi Guys, I am curious, how do I align a certain layer within a selected area? I've been using the ruler, but I'd rather find a way to align the image within a certain area of the overall picture. Here is an example: I'd like the skull in the center of the left template area.
  7. S

    Template help

    Hello Guys! Thanks in advance for your help. I am trying to get this image on this template for a full-print all over print t-shirt. I've included what magic I did with the band-aid tool :) Could someone help me with placement of this image inside the template? There need to be a little bit of...
  8. K

    Water Flower: Water Study [Photo Manipulation] - #kzOFFBEAT

    This personal study I'm focusing a bit more on manipulating water, an area I'm completely new on. :cheesygrin:
  9. Z

    Fastest way to select a specific areas in this image

    Dear forum members, I am working with the first image shown below, which is a light micrograph of a mouse brain centered on the part of the brain called cerebellum (sponge-like structure occupying the central portion of the image). I would like to measure the surface area and the diameter of...
  10. N

    how to make photos stop before a rectangle?

    Example: I know how to make the diagonal line with the rounded rectangle tool. here's my artboard. Is it possible to have that photo stop once it touches the diagonal line? Thanks.
  11. L

    Patch Tool Problem

    Hi, I've used the Patch Tool many times in the past but for some reason I can't get it to work right this time. I'm selecting the area that I want to extend and dragging it to it's destination but it does't seem to cover the new area completely. It seems to have a transparency effect to it, the...
  12. P

    Illustrator How to remove / erase edges outside of a selected area?

    I have downloaded an eps file from a free vector image site. I was trying to cut an image area of a visiting card but It also come with edges like the image showing ( attached) How to remove edges of that image outside of the selected box area? I...
  13. Pipsmom

    Restoring color project

    I worked with this photo today for a few hours and the results weren't to my standards... So after reading and watching tutorials....... tomorrow I will approach it differently but need your input if this will correct one particular area that's driving me bonkers ( the red/brown undelevloped...
  14. Pipsmom

    Missing area in old photo

    My best friend sent me a 25 year old wedding day photo (JPEG) that I've worked off and on for a few hours today..... plus it's not a scanned copy but rather a iPhone picture taken of it....Yeah I know...but I love the difficult ones to practice on. Lol I know I have brush work still to do on...
  15. A

    How to transparent the black area

    Hello, I want to select the green vertical lines and want to use in my textures but when this effect is created it created the black area as background with it. I don't know how to separate it. Please see the video and help me! Best Regards, M.Aqib Here are the videos.
  16. Andy Sicas

    How to do this?

    Hi Everibody ........................... ( My English is not good) I need some help please A few days ago I started doing photoshop actions The point is that my actions are applied to the entire image. And I need only apply to a certain area of the image. Something like this: I want my action...
  17. mikecox

    Patch isn't opaque

    I can't seem to get an opaque patch. Whatever area I outline with the Patch took the resulting patch is not opaque, it's murky, or muddy usually around the edges. Sometimes, when I select a "Destinations" and drag it, to cover an area I want to patch a light patch turns darker when I place...
  18. X

    Photo template that allows oversized images without overlap

    I need to make a template that allows multiple image that will stay within it's own boundary but doesn't require that I crop each image. As I want to be able to move the image around within it's invisible border. I should make an example image. But imagine 4 images 2x2, and that you don't want...
  19. B

    Texture to 3D text

    Hi there, I am designing a logo for a friend and their demands are pretty straightforward except for one. For some inexplicable reason, or just to punish me, they want glitterry/shimmery effect on shadow area of the 3D text-that would be the extrusion material to you and I, as in the picture...
  20. inkpad.t

    New matte painting

    The Landing Area Part 3d images, photos, and some painting,