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How to do this?

Andy Sicas

New Member
Hi Everibody ........................... ( My English is not good)
I need some help please
A few days ago I started doing photoshop actions
The point is that my actions are applied to the entire image.
And I need only apply to a certain area of the image. Something like this:
Sin título.png
I want my action will only apply to a particular area of the image ( Not the whole image).how can I do it?
Thank you.
Hello Andy and welcome to PSG.

I'm not sure I understand your problem. If your using the same action as is demonstrated in the video, then the video should be enough to show you how to use it.

Please explain further.
Hello again.
I try to be more explicit.
I know how to use Photoshop actions, but what I want is to learn to do more advanced actions.
I've done some ( with basic effects).
In the actions I have done, the effects are applied to the whole image.
And this is good.

But I want to learn that my actions have to apply to a certain area that I determine.

1.jpgCharcoal_PreviewImage.jpgImage Preview.jpg

In the images, first brush the areas you want to apply the effect,
and then they click on the action and the effect is applied.
how I can include this command in my actions.
I want to learn that.

Thanks a lot

I hope you have understood me. ( I do not speak English.)
Yes, I understand now, sorry for the confusion. Let me do some investigating.
Why can't you apply your action to a stamped layer of the image and then just mask out your certain area that you determine to reveal the original underneath?

I'm not sure you'll ever do it the way you have described, but if you do would it be any more beneficial?