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  1. Simonetos The Greek

    How can I capture "Align To" into an action?

    Is there any way to capture "Align To: Selection" or "Align To: Canvas" into an action? Thank you for your time!!!
  2. Simonetos The Greek

    How can I rename a group using an action?

    I have quite a bit projects which contain a group by the name "Cover" and I want to rename it to "Cover Group" using this action. But into "Cover" layer group there is a layer with the same name. So when my action starts, instead of find and rename the group "Cover", renames the layer...
  3. Rikard

    Actions Photoshop doesn't recognize percentages when recording... any work around?

    I'm trying to record an action that creates a phi thirds grid. Phi isn't equal columns, so the only way to do this is based on percentages—i.e., the margins would each be a percentage such as 38.34%. I can put all the percentages into the New Guide Layout dialog, but when it actually records the...
  4. dacevedove

    How to save an Action that runs a Script

    Hello guys! I did an action that in between steps execute a script to set the canvas ratio 1:1 and on another inserts a PSD with a watermark and it works great! Now I need to share this action with other people on the team but when I save the action it sets the paths to script and the psd with...
  5. M

    Actions Filename inside image

    Hey all, I have been tasked with adding the filename of hundreds of TIFF’s into the image on a separate text layer. The text needs to be 8pt Arial and sit at the very bottom right of the image. Any ideas how this can be done. An action turned to a droplet would be really handy. I’m more of...
  6. B

    Creative action sci-fi

    hi gurus i want the guy in black (me) / the one with who's wearing a black leather jacket and glasses) to be placed in different background and be made as a action movie's poster. please put all your talent into making something creative and phenomenal. thanks in advance. regards
  7. S

    Exporting Actions from a PC to a Mac... help please!

    Hello Photoshop world... hoping for a little help please! My co-worker exported a list of photoshop actions from his PC and I now have them on my Mac- they are showing up anyways so I know I put them in the correct folder. But they are not doing what they are supposed to. One action- for...
  8. M

    Actions: Timeline or Layers

    Hi I've got a video from YouTube Creative Commons section that I want to add to my wordpress website but it has a logo thats not compatible with my site. I know how to use Actions to remove the affending logo but not sure wether to use the Action with the video in the timeline or insert the...
  9. P

    Issue with Batch processing and Actions

    So I have a bunch of PSD files that I'm trying to resize and expand the background. The backgrounds are solid colors. The issue that I'm having is that the background layers are not named the same or the files don't have the same amount of layer. When I go to expand the canvas size I want it...
  10. jarhtmd

    Actions How to find the longest image dimension in an action

    Sometimes changing an image's orientation makes for a drastically different impact. I want to create an action to quickly show me all 8 possibilities, by creating a square canvas (based on longest dimension) & then multiple layers, each rotated &/or flipped. That way I can quickly review all...
  11. A

    Actions for Pizza Photography Needed

    Hi All, Kindly anyone has a free actions for Pizza photography ?
  12. L

    Inking with actions Video tutorial

    Before I fixed my mic, but kinda cool. Goes over some pentool, setting up some actions to do the heavy lifting, and how to make an inking brush that is dynamic with some taper.
  13. D

    How to sort Photoshop actions?

    Hi guys,I just downloaded a bunch of actions and now my set is a mess.Is there a way to sort them somehow?do i have to do them manually one by one,or is there a quicker way,maybe a tool?Also is there a way I could preview them somehow?
  14. F

    [HELP] Photoshop actions not applying to the canvas directly !

    Whenever i try to do actions like (Bucket tool, Undo, Type tool), those kinds of action are not applying to the canvas directly, and i have to do another action (Moving the object, color something etc) to trigger the changes made by my first action. Why is this happening? How do i fix this ...
  15. C

    Actions Automating actions for a Printing Environment

    We have 7 presses8 plates per press(CMYKx2) that require skew and distortion etc to aid in registration on press We print from a 1bit tif file I have used actions to create droplets for each press works great but would like to batch ALL Files at same time, Typical File...
  16. Andy Sicas

    How to do this?

    Hi Everibody ........................... ( My English is not good) I need some help please A few days ago I started doing photoshop actions The point is that my actions are applied to the entire image. And I need only apply to a certain area of the image. Something like this: I want my action...
  17. M

    Looking through the PhotoShop Guru's to contribute to a unique PhotoShop APPproject.

    Hi All. This isn't an ad. It is the reason I joined this form. MVP works with community-based sports organizations. From the portraits of athletes and team pictures we take, we produce a variety of products . We are now working to steamline our service into an APP. The APP would...
  18. O

    Photoshop actions - for wedding invitation cards

    Hello, I was wondering is someone can help. Bit of a random question. I currently supply invitation cards. My customer provides me with their information, their fiances information, their parents details, venue information, dates etc. We leave a blank line so they can add the name of the...
  19. joebeaven

    Batch Automation Batching Action Still Only Saves One File

    Hi, I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate and Photoshop CC 2015. I want to create two actions: one which resizes the image to 1600px wide and saves for web and another that does the same thing, but also flips the image horizontally. I want to be able to process a batch of all the images in a folder. The...
  20. A

    jewerly rings photoshop action

    hello to everyone i just got stuck with images of ring and cant make it work is there a way to make actions on how to edit jewerly rings?or is there any plugin what did the work?thank you