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Exporting Actions from a PC to a Mac... help please!

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Hello Photoshop world... hoping for a little help please!

My co-worker exported a list of photoshop actions from his PC and I now have them on my Mac- they are showing up anyways so I know I put them in the correct folder. But they are not doing what they are supposed to.

One action- for example- should just open 15 jpg's from a specific folder on our shared network. The problem is that when I click play, the computer will open a folder around that one but then not actually open any jpg's. The action files are saved as .atn

He has a ton of actions made so I'm really trying to get this to work instead of making them all over again. That would take me a week!!

Any thoughts or suggestions please??!!

Thanks everyone!

Is the file structure the same on your mac as it was on the PC where the action was made?

If the action itself steps out of Ps functions and has to rely on the location of files, then the file structure needs to be identical in the second computer.
Hey thanks! I think so... their is the same folder on a shared network that it should be pulling from... how do I check and see what the folder location is in an action? thanks so much!!!!!
Sorry, I had to run some errands. I'm not at all certain that this is your problem.........it's just a thought.

This is the breakdown of an action. Notice that I recorded a "Place" function that added an image to an existing photo.
Screen Shot 2019-04-09 at 5.59.45 PM copy.png

There is a distinct path that follows the file structure of my computer. This action would not work on another computer unless it had the same file path. You would need to look at your actions to see if the paths are compatible with your computer. The file paths would have to be the same.

Go to WINDOW > ACTIONS and open the actions panel. All of your actions should appear in the panel. Go to any specific action that uses a file and check the file path.
Your welcome. As I said, I'm not certain that this is your problem but it could be one of many that's causing the action not to work properly.
Yeah it was definitely not pulling from the correct thing. I didn't know how to change it so I worked another solution - the screenshot for some reason really made things click. Thanks for taking the time to do that!!
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