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Missing area in old photo


My best friend sent me a 25 year old wedding day photo (JPEG) that I've worked off and on for a few hours today..... plus it's not a scanned copy but rather a iPhone picture taken of it....Yeah I know...but I love the difficult ones to practice on. Lol
I know I have brush work still to do on the skin already among other thing......but it's the shaded area of her leg that no viable color is left in the old photo to clone or do I try to shade paint faintly in that area using the good leg for colors....
it's just misted out with color for now. It looks odd and I don't like it one bit...thinking what can I do to suggest a leg exists in shadow. Open to all suggestions or tips, you guys are the pro's...What would you do?



What I've done so far

Julia wedding day.JPG
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I used a Shadows & Highlights adjustment, setting the Shadows slider to about 57% to bring out the leg. Then I applied a layer mask and a black to white gradient from top to bottom so that the Shadows&Highlights adjustment only affects the bottom of the image. (I didn't bother correcting the slight green color cast, adjusting the contrast, etc. You seem like you've got that covered.)

I know you didn't ask... but personally, I prefer the wallpaper and cabinets instead of the plain background that you added. The plain background seems a bit stark and draws attention to itself because all the other background elements are soft, gauzy textures. Also, the plain background suggests a formal, posed portrait whereas the wallpaper and cabinets make the image seem like an unplanned "found moment". Just my opinion...

Your brilliant, I played around with shadows but didn't do the gradient....going to practice THAT tomarrow till I get it right. Huge thank you for your expert advise