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  1. G

    Gradient Help

    How do I stuff that is like the gradient looking thing in the pink area?
  2. Tom Mann

    Post a Labor Day photo

    In this area, Labor Day means lots of local community parades. How is it celebrated in your area? BBQs? Family gatherings? Why don't you show us how it's celebrated in your area by posting a photo or two (... but please don't hog the thread by posting a large number...). Tom M
  3. K

    paint bucket pattern??

    How can you stop this from going into a tiled effect? I was wanting a picture to spread across the area but it always goes into tiled effect
  4. P

    Select in an action

    I have used simple actions for years, mostly to automate mass file conversions. I now have a task that has me stumped. There are several hundred files of scanned text, of a quality and layout that defy OCR. The text is purple, ranging from light to dark, and the background is a mottled yellow...
  5. L

    Making a new selection area the same colour tone as a another specified area.

    Well, I guess I couldn't really put my message across succinctly in the title.. Guess a picture speaks a thousand words :thumbsup: Notice that there are some purplish areas on the person's jacket. I wanted to make the purplish areas the exact green colour tone as the rest of her jacket...
  6. S

    Filtering an Image and Calculating the area

    Hi everyone, I am currently trying to calculate the area of several white spots in my picture (almost black background). The problem is that their shape is so irregular and sometimes, they don't appear exactly white, but rather light grey or darker. So it's very hard for me to use a magic...
  7. P

    Removing lens flare on a detailed area

    Shooting a wedding recently, I suffered from lens flare caused by the church windows, a sort of upside-down artifact over the subjects. I have managed to fix most with a combination of a levels adjustment layer on the offending area, which has worked fine for skin tones and the bride's red...
  8. 1

    finding the area of a photo from which an object was removed

    Hi there, I have an assignment and am required to identify the position of a removed object from a photo. The object has been removed using photoshop. What is the best way to find out where that object was? The photo is of a football game. The object is a football. Cheers, J
  9. M

    Photoshop brush larger than painting area.

    Right, i know this isn't a apple issue (I don't think) but many mac users are also phtoshop users, so i thought i would post my query here. Usually when using a hard brush, the circle which represents the bush side, and where it will paint, is the same size as the painting area. But at some...
  10. R

    Histogram Pixel Area Problem

    Hello, For a research project, I am calculating the area of the cytosol of a cell by finding the total cell area and subtracting the total nuclear area. I have been using the lasso tool to select the boundaries and then the histogram to measure the total pixels in that selection area...
  11. Bucket

    Work Area

    I was watching some tutorials when i noticed the tutor had his Tool Menu in one column down the left hand side. Can anyone tell me how you do this? Bucket
  12. M

    Adding gradinet to warped area. How ??

    Adding gradient to warped area. How ?? While I've used PS for a couple years now, I'd still consider myself a total newbie. (Up until recently, the extent of my usage has been resizing and auto-color-balance.):) Anyhow, I started my image with by just using the selector tool to make a...