1. D

    Specific Jpg of font

    Hi! I need a jpg of this font or a similar style in the colors red and blue. It will be printed on htv if that helps. Im not so sure on how it works but I would prefer it to be at least 7-8 inches wide. Thank you!!!!!
  2. J

    Athletic Polo shirt

    Good afternoon, Can you please change the shirt in this picture from a t-shirt to a dark blue or black athletic looking polo? Please see attached photo for an example of the type of shirt I'm looking for. Thanks in advanced to anyone who takes this on.
  3. S

    Smaller Color Correction Job

    This is my neighbors baby; he was drooling on his shirt in the picture! Does anyone think they can correct the wet spot on his shirt?
  4. J

    SOS Man needs shirt

    Hey all, I'm wondering if someone can Photoshop out my husband's belly by making his shirt appear longer. Also, I have some serious red eye going on... Could that be fixed too? Thanks for the help!!
  5. P

    Remove Object From Image

    Hey guys, I need to remove the lower surfer from this image(I'm the one with the blue shirt) :
  6. F

    Marriage Proposal Edit Background request

    Hi, I proposed to my then fiancee in Beijing. Originally planned it to happen in great wall but things didn't go as planned. is it possible to use our picture with the marry me shirt and use the greatwall as background?
  7. E

    Help with a certain font

    i need help to identify a certain font or at least something fairly close to the exact font im look for the font that Steppenwolf uses such as the font on this shirt hope your able to help thank you very much in advance
  8. S

    Template help

    Hello Guys! Thanks in advance for your help. I am trying to get this image on this template for a full-print all over print t-shirt. I've included what magic I did with the band-aid tool :) Could someone help me with placement of this image inside the template? There need to be a little bit of...
  9. U

    For husband

    Hi! Can someone help me edit our pictures? My husband is overseas and would like to surprise with a picture together at the beach. Can you make it look like he's beside me? I would really appreciate it. He's the guy wearing a blue shirt. Thank you in advance. ☺️
  10. H

    Change Of Shirt

    Hi All Would it be possible for somebody to change my happy friends shirt to an Arsenal FC one please? Also maybe the lettuce to a football or a comic style bomb? Thanks in advance.......
  11. E

    Photoshop users , could you assist me?

    I would love an image altered .... Could any one help me by editing this image to the faded nostalgic look ( please look at both photos ... I want this image to look like the shirt (In other words , any anyone help me dueplicate this image to look like the one on the shirt ... like...
  12. StingerXVII

    Image Modification

    Can somebody crop out this background and then add angel wings onto the back of this person. I want to get the image put on a few shirts for the rest of the team. I coach a basketball team one of my kids recently got murdered. Please and thank you
  13. A

    Urgent Request - Unwrinkled Shirt

    Hello, This is my first post, after reading all the rules please remove if I didsomething wrong. I am hoping to get my son's shirt unwrinkled. Also the blueplaid at the bottom near his waist line shouldn’t be sticking out like that. Itried my hardest to get the file to upload but for some...
  14. K

    how do people make these edits?

    I was wondering how people make all these anime and bape crossovers for example this one: I want to know how its done. If you can please tell me how they make it look so natural. I want to put this shirt on to the guy below if you can please explain to me how its done and how people do it...
  15. P

    request to remove unwanted objects

    Hello, I would like to have below photo as a portrait. I would like to have this black 'object' removed as well as part of my friend? This is the photo I would like to have edited: And this is a photo which I think can be useful to cut fragment of my shirt: Also in attachment a photo...
  16. E

    Rotation issue

    how would i rotate the shirt onto the rectangle like in the picture?
  17. D

    Can someone please remove the black background so I can use this design on a shirt?

    Email me at Thank you very much for the help.
  18. T

    Help with Picture for a Bachelor Party Shirt

    Hey yall, A buddy of mine is getting married shortly which means we have to throw him a wild bachelor party. We want to make shirts for everyone and I would love if someone could help me out. I would like to take a picture of my buddy and transform him into Kenny Powers from Eastbound & Down. I...
  19. P

    How to Recreate this Effect ?

    how do i get this dark/grainy/worn,washed element in photoshop?i want to create a shirt like these
  20. C

    Placing a pattern in a shirt w/ realistic look

    Hello, I generally consider myself pretty good at Photoshop but I'm completely stumped with this. I'm trying to put various patterns into a blank shirt and make it look as realistic as possible. I tried changing the pattern layer blending mode to Color but it practically disappeared. I guess...