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CS6 batch process for different camera raw files


New Member
I've got problem witch batch process and maybe anyone could help me with it. I've tried to do automatic process for many camera raw image files, but there are left and right sites in folder. It's possible to set batch files which allow to do one thing for left side files, and other thing for right ones. Below there is a printscreen with my operation, but it don't work correctly. First thought was copy left images to one folder, and others to second, but it's very hard to do, bacause I've got a lot of files, and it takes much of times for me. Is this bach process is possible to do?
This is my proces in english translation:
Open - 000000.CR2
Open - 000001.CR2

View attachment 62507
If my understanding what you are doing is correct, then it could be done much more simply (i.e., with only a couple of button pushes) in Adobe Lightroom. If you don't already have a copy of LR, you could simply subscribe to it for one month (around $10 USD) and not have to deal with developing an action to do it.

What you are asking (i.e., apply one ACR preset to one group of images, and a second ACR preset to another group) is an extremely simple case of what event photographers do all the time.


Tom M
There is one problem that work will last a long of time, even a few years. 10$ isn't a big money, but I think it'll be hard to do. Something wrong with attach in my first post, I try to paste it again, maybe this allow to understand my problem.

I think it would be vastly easier to do the required work in Lightroom compared to Photoshop, not harder, even if you presently know nothing about this program.

I realize that you probably don't have a copy of LR available to work with, but here's what you would do:

1. Put all the pix that need left and right cropping into one folder.

2. Let LR import all these pix.

3. Using one of the images that needs a left crop, switch to the develop mode and use the crop tool to select just the left hand area you want.

4. In the lower left corner, click on the "copy settings" button. Select "crop" as the only attribute to be copied.

5. In the film strip at the bottom of the screen, control-click on each of the images that needs to be "Left hand cropped". This will eventually select all of them.

6. In the lower LH corner, click on the "paste settings" button.

7. You will see all of the images you selected for LH cropping become cropped.

8. Repeat steps 3 thru 7 for the images that need a right hand crop.

9. Done.


Tom M