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  1. D

    [faceswap/merge] 10 images

  2. E

    Using Fonts

    I am pretty certain most of my trends start with "I have a question!" :lol: It is then closely followed by "I was thinking about ____ the other day and wondered..." Haha okay, in all seriousness, I came across a font tutorial today on YouTube and this guy purchased a $40 font and commented...
  3. D

    Organising Brushes into easy-to-access Folders

    Hi, Am new to this Forum and although I've been using various versions of Photoshop since about 2000 when I first started, I think with Photoshop 4 (may have been 3) I've still got a lot to learn and tend to stick to various methods I know for working and just add new bits and pieces as and when...
  4. J

    Image processor not saving files CS6

    Just switched from PC to Mac, and when I go to use image processor to convert a folder of PSDs to JPEGs, it will create the jpeg folder, but not save anything. I was able to do this on my PC with no issue ever. And now I have to go in a manually save 400 files? I'm not sure what to do. Thanks!
  5. Eggy

    A bug in Adobe Photoshop

    Hard to believe isn't it? :biglaff: Everytime you use PS an empty folder is created by Adobe in users: I was cleaning my folders manualy when in my users section I found nearly 6.000 (six thousand) empty files called 'Tempzxpsign***************'. If...
  6. A

    How do I convert the psd. files to png?

    Hey! I have a problem. I have several hundred photos which I would like to convert from psd. to png. I have done the Action part, where: 1. I create an action 2. I open the psd. file 3. I edit the necessary (image size only) 4. I save the psd. file to png. 5. I go to automate folder -> Batch...
  7. C

    Actions Editing Actions

    I have built the attached Action. The SAVE records the Folder in use during construttion. I would like to uee this Action on any folder of mages. Is there any way to make the Save a general save so that the action saves to whatever folder Iam using? This has een driving me nuts!!!!
  8. P

    Change EXIF Createdate

    I was asked if the EXIF CreateDate could be changed in Adobe Bridge, so I came up with a scripted solution. To install unzip and place this script into the following folder: Start Bridge Edit - Preferences -Startup Scripts At the bottom click the "Reveal Button" this will open the folder...
  9. M

    Batch Automation How to Batch Create New Files Combining Two Layers

    I would love to figure out how to batch process a folder and create new files combining two layers. Let me explain further. I have a folder of images I have one background image I need to create new files in batch where the image from the folder is placed, resized and centered on a new layer...
  10. J

    CS6 batch process for different camera raw files

    Hello I've got problem witch batch process and maybe anyone could help me with it. I've tried to do automatic process for many camera raw image files, but there are left and right sites in folder. It's possible to set batch files which allow to do one thing for left side files, and other...
  11. Z

    3D Barrett M107 (revisited)

    While looking through my 3D folder during a spring clean, I stumbled upon a very old model I did of a Barrett M107, it was shoddy at best but still held up. I remodelled it using the knowledge I have now, and textured it up, popped it into a little scene on top of a weapon box and rendered...
  12. pslane

    saving a new preset brush

    I can create a new preset brush but how do I convert it to abr and save it to a specific folder? Thanks!
  13. B

    Filled screen

    Hi, just recently my PSCS and Elements both completly fill the screen with images when I open a folder. The corner handles do not work and the minimise button is missing. This is really annoying as I like to see at least part of the editor screen with a image folder open. any help appreciated.
  14. R

    How doI change the colors of a gradient?

    Hello guys, i'm have a little trouble to print a folder of my company. I hired a guy to make the folder, but he backed out of the deal. :banghead: The folder is already completed, i'm just having issue with the printer company. My background isn't in the right black composition in cmyk. How...
  15. B

    Where oh Where do my placed images go?

    I am building a composite image, create a new image clean white background and drag from bridge the images I want to use in the composite. Here's my issue...the images I have brought in are automatically turned into smart objects..( love those) so I open one of those placed S/O images and...
  16. J

    cd burning

    Grateful to anyone who can kindly send me a step-by-step method to burn a cd using Wndows 8.1 and Photoshop CS5. I prefer a typed text for the method rather than a video tutorial, as I find it hard to follow videos. I only want to know how to burn photos on my PICTURES folder onto a cd. Hope...
  17. M

    Batch Processing - How Can I Add Multiple Images on One Source File and Save

    I have a folder of images. I need to place, resize and center each image on top of one master (the same) image over and over for each image in the folder. Then I need save or export each final image as a jpeg in a folder. Also, it would be really cool if I run a script or droplet for single...
  18. J

    automation destination folder issue

    Hello, I’m having a problem choosing destination folders when doing batch automation in Photoshop 8.0, using Window 5.1. No matter what I do, the files will never save to the destination folder I choose in the Automation window—if they save at all, they will only save to the folder I Saved for...
  19. M

    ASL folder ENORMOUS

    A couple of weeks ago, after opening some very large files (with layers) in Photoshop, my Mac's HD space started to disappear. I have now, finally, located the cause (I think). I checked the system log (Stystem Profiler/Software/Logs/system.log) which was itself 4.5 GB in size (too large I...
  20. T

    Merging a bunch of files from 1 folder and auto aligning them

    Hi All I am new to this forum and would like to say hello! before posting a request. Ok..on to the request with a little background about me what I am trying to achieve. Basically every week I am in need of getting around 15 PSD files printed on a textile printer. Now the textile printer can...