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automation destination folder issue


New Member

I’m having a problem choosing destination folders when doing batch automation in Photoshop 8.0, using Window 5.1. No matter what I do, the files will never save to the destination folder I choose in the Automation window—if they save at all, they will only save to the folder I Saved for Web to when creating my action, which means I’ll either have to keep moving folders around or modifying the action each time I automate a folder.
I’ve tried this with “Override Action ‘Save As’ Commands” both on and off. I’ve tried eliminating the Save for Web command from my action, but then it doesn’t save anything, whether the Override button is on or off.
I’m not sure what the “Done” button means in the Save for Web window, but I thought it might allow me to program a Save for Web command without specifying a folder. It didn’t. Nothing saved.
Every tutorial I’ve read seems to tell you to simply specify your destination folder in the automation window, but everything I’ve tried makes it seem like the destination folder selection is meaningless.
Anyone know what I’m doing wrong?