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PSD Icons in Windows Explorer | Folder Icons Q?

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Hi, I'm new to your forums, and this is my first post. Thanks you in advance for your help.

My question:

I am using CS3 on winXP. I upgraded from Ps7. After using CS3 for a couple months, I felt that I no longer needed Ps7 on my computer, and I uninstalled it.

In the folders that contain my images/pictures, I use 'Thumbnail' view. Prior to uninstalling Ps7, when I would open a folder containing my images, a normal thumbnail of each image would appear whether it was a Jpeg, Tiff, or Ps file. All were small pictures of the actual image as they should be.

Since uninstalling Ps7, the jpeg and Tif files are normal thumbnails (mini versions of the image), but the Ps files only show the Ps logo and not the actual image thumbnail. What did I do wrong, and how do I fix it?

If you mean the psd files, they will not show as thumbnails. Try using Bridge to see them all as thumbnails.
Hi AI, welcome to PSG.

You said you are on Windows XP, so you can use the following file to have Windows XP (32-bit) show PSD thumbnails in Windows Explorer:

View attachment PSD.Thumbs.in.Windows.Explorer.zip


1. Download and Unzip the files.
2. Copy the "psicon.dll" file to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Shell\ (if this folder does not exist yet, create it).
3. Run this registry file psddllregistry.reg by double clicking it. It will add the necessary changes to your registry to allow the Shell to access the new Adobe PSD Thumbnails DLL.
4. Restart your computer.

Now you should have PSD thumbnails in Windows Explorer.

Please note: the above will only work for 32-bit versions of Windows. If you have a 64-bit version of Windows then you will need a different method.
PSD files can show as thumbnails.

PSIcon.DLL was pulled due to a bug where files were left open and then they couldn't be saved. See forums.adobe.com/message/2209820 where an Adobe employee has a discussion with a Microsoft employee about who is at fault.

Not everyone ran into this bug. If you do, or if you need 64 bit support, then you will need a codec and/or a thumbnail provider, such as ours ardfry.com/psd-codec