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  1. C

    I made a sig....

    I thought this one was worthy of sharing:
  2. B

    request tutorial

    how can I get a photo editing like this one?
  3. Annielle

    Help needed to do this

    Dear friends, If any of you could send me a step-by-step tutorial of getting an image like this, i would be very grateful!!!
  4. A


    Hello All, I look forward to using this great resource. I teach a digital design class so Photoshop all the way!
  5. A

    Hello everyone

    Hi,friends how are you all? I am Hasan,new to this awesome community forum, Thank you all.
  6. J


    I'm jenny. Just introducing myself. Love designing stuff in photoshop.
  7. S

    Wrapping the text round an image?

    When making the text box I need to add the image so the text goes around the image. How do I do this?
  8. P

    3D arrow effect.

    Hi, Can anyone give some hints or point me to a tutorial for making something like this: - I only actually want to have one ring and wider but if I can just get the basic concept from somewhere, I should be able to figure the rest out. Thanks in advance. Chris
  9. I


    Hi I am looking for someone that is great with Graffics.
  10. P

    Having trouble recreating a complicated(to me) orb.

    Hey guys, I'm having trouble with an orb I need to recreate for a logo. The guy gave me a low-res jpeg and I need it high-res. Can someone give me some advice on how to approach this. Or if it can be done with styles, that would be great. I tried for a while and got close, but not close...
  11. M

    can someone remove the cigarette from this picture please..

    hi, i was wondering if someone might be nice enough to photoshop out the cigarette from this picture below. ps. if i'm asking in the wrong place maybe someone could point me in the right direction of where i should be asking.
  12. X

    Need a quick easy edit, paying $5

    Just need someone to cut out a persons face on a picture, not cropping anything but the person, and pasting it infront of a picture of the american flag, so that the person would look a bit like a president :P file size goes over site limit, so post if your interested and ill email you the...
  13. S

    Clicking between windows in cs4 applies action

    I don't know if this is a bug or if it's normal, but in cs4 (on windows 7 64 bit) if I click on a window/picture that is behind another one, my current tool will apply it's action to the picture I clicked. For example, say I have the brush tool currently selected and I have two or three pictures...
  14. A

    How can I imitate this filter?

    Hi! I'm looking for a way to imitate this effect: any plug-in name drops or tips would be appreciated, I'm failing trying to achieve this on my own.
  15. A

    Kaleidoscope plugin?

    What are some free filters/plugins that will create a mandala or Kaleidoscope effect?
  16. R

    Help!!! Trying to delete background.....

    Please someone help me. I am a newbie to photoshop (9) and I am tring to make the background of this car and the inside window transparent and I can get the majic wand to make it all checkerboard, but I cannot figure out how to apply the change. (making it transparent) I would appreciate any...
  17. K

    just getting started

    hiya,, am new round here just getting started with photo shop so thougth i would look round for some ideas n help :-) x
  18. SeniorS

    Image rotating between PS and Indesign

    Problem: "peoples" gives me Indesign file with image links, i must cmyk it and improve images. And often image preview at file explorer is with 90degree rotation but when PS opens it everthings looks correct. After saving preview changes to correct rotation and Ingesign rotates it too and now...
  19. G

    Does this photo look funny to you?

    I'm no expert, but this photo doesn't look genuine. The foreground looks superimposed on the background. What do you folks think?
  20. P

    having a problem with a selection

    Hello everyone. First post here. I am learning Photoshop from a book. I already have limited experience. I tried to scan in the exercise I am doing, but I did not want to destroy the binding on my 40 dollar book. I have created a shaded ring. I used the eliptical marquee tool, then used...