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  1. W

    New to the forum

    Hi Guys, I am new to the forum... not a graphic designer... have ideas, but don't know a thing about photoshop... Hence why I came here to get your help! Looking forward to learning how to use photoshop! Rocky
  2. A

    How to get this effect?

    Hey people, I recently came across a picture that was taking in Birmingham (UK) town centre, I love the PP work thats been done in this image, and I was wondering if anyone could possibly give me links to tutorials (or make 1) on how to get the same PP effect done in this image: Image 1...
  3. D

    black and white

    can i make these look more cartoony and black and white like the bloke in the BC2 wallpaper below?
  4. JgraphNet

    Should we have another run at this ?

    Official October 2010 PSG Contest This contest seem to not have been resolved yet or did I miss anything ? Just kind of faded out into nothing.... I can very well understand if I'm not considered but there are more contestants who probably would like to know. So what gives ? Another run...
  5. Windows7

    SOS SOS!!! Please i need very fast help!!!!

    I got next problem:i opened a new project and created a shape with the pen tool.. and now i want to fill that shape with color BUT THE PROBLEM IS THAT THE WHOLE PROJECT FILLS WITH COLOR!!!!!:s:s:s
  6. iDad

    Magic Wand

    why is it when making a selection with Magic wand I can not stroke it,I need to switch tools to get it done, it gets very frustrating, anyone else bugged by this? Or am I missing something?
  7. M

    Speed up a Tween (cs4 AS3)

    I have an animated fish crossing the screen. I made that using the animated fish (movieclip1) following a path on a guide layer. All these are into another movieclip (2). I want in mouse hover condition to accelerate the tween. In other words I want the user to point the fish with the mouse...
  8. D

    Grayscale to semitransparency?

    Hi! How do I convert a grayscale image to an image consisting of all black with different degrees of opacity (on a white background)? If I apply the inverted image as a mask on an all black layer I get pretty close - but the result is darker than the original, which frustrates me to no end. If...
  9. Windows7

    Save a filesize like you see it..

    Hi, Sometimes i make for example a badge/pic but it's too big and i zoom out with "ctrl+ -"and then i see the size i actually like so i want to save it like that.. but still it saves it like in the format i opened a new project.. is it possible to save it in the size like you zoomed in/out?
  10. S

    Help with copying transparency

    This may sound a bit of an odd question... I often find myself having to paste pictures into powerpoint, and, when parts of my picture are transparent, I have to save it as png before importing it into powerpoint, because if I use CTRL C in PS and then paste into powerpoint, the transparent...
  11. S

    Hi everyone

    I'm really glad to have found such a welcoming forum for newbies. I love playing around with photoshop, and I recently made the jump from elements to CS5. So I've decided it's a good time to face my fears and finally learn about all the things I've been avoiding (masks, channels, etc...). And of...
  12. dv8_fx

    8.9 Earthquake off Shendai,, Honshu, Japan.....

    Any active member in the forum from Japan and Hawaii?? My prayers and thoughts to everyone out there..... Keep safe and head to higher ground.
  13. suleabudu

    I seek wisdom

    Hi, I'm Sule (Sue-Lee). This seems like a very cool site. I hope I can learn how to break into the industry from those of you who are lucky enough to be able to do it for a living. Have a look at some of the stuff on my page and let me know what you think.
  14. B

    How to recreate this filter combination?

    Hi Guys, hope you can help out on this one, I have to recreate the pattern below as closely as possible. I figure it's an unholy combination of filters and pixelisation effects, but I've spent a few hours on this and I'm getting nowhere, anybody got any ideas?
  15. T

    superhero landing tutorial

    i would like to suggest how to make dust fly up and the ground breaking when a superhero, such as iron man, lands on the ground