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  • Hey Hawkeye, I just dropped by to take a look and I'll come back later to spend more time. It's cool to see you're still around! Saw Hoogle today. He's who headed me back here to look around - I haven't been by in over a year. He asked me to say hi. He says he can't log in. I'm not going to speculate. Take care. Clare, Once Upon a Time: Queen Bee
    Yeah, I still look in from time to time and try to assist people who are actually trying to learn how to use Photoshop. Unfortunately the site has become mostly a free work site. Nice to hear from you...
    I used that word difficult because change, even for the better, can be a difficult process for people to go through. Yes, I too am hopeful that the changes to come will be beneficial to all the good people of Egypt (In Shalla), but I also understand that there will be much sacrifice required to bring that change about.

    I completely agree and understand with the Egyptian people's need for revolution in order to improve their lives through a better government. Like I said, I have visited Egypt four times and look forward to returning as soon as possible. I love your country and it's people.
    sorry internet connection were unplug in egypt
    i know what you meant but i am saying why do you call it difficult time
    yes it is difficult but im sure all what came next will be much much better than now
    Egypt deserves better for its people
    By another mean i think welfare should prevails
    that why we revolt
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