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Recent content by hawkeye

  1. hawkeye

    Help in removeing notebook lines

    I used a Channel Mixer adjustment layer, settings as shown. Selected the resulting color and deleted that area and added a new background. Then cloning tool for the flower areas to remove the lines. (I didn't finish), but it wouldn't take too long.
  2. hawkeye

    mock-up actions

    It could be done using Variables and Data sets. It's difficult to explain it in a single post, so I would advise checking the help files. Otherwise it would require the use of a script.
  3. hawkeye

    Brush Tool with custom brush

    If you have it, Illustrator might be the better tool for that job using symbols.
  4. hawkeye

    Show a path without editing

    When a path is active, the transform tool will transform the path. If you wish to use a path as a guide, stroke the path with a thin brush on a separate layer above. Then use that layer as your guide. See the screenshot, it says Transform Path.
  5. hawkeye

    how to remove this symbol... see image

    Use the Info panel drop-down to remove them all at once. Uncheck Color Samplers.
  6. hawkeye

    Vanishing Point Filter Problem?

    I have not experienced the issue you describe. However, sometimes it's easier to render the grid into a blank layer and then transform the object to match the grid. Once done, you can reduce or increase the size of the object as necessary. Add a blank layer first, with that layer selected open...
  7. hawkeye

    Paid URGENT! Need to cheat in a class!

    Seriously? You people are going to help someone cheat?
  8. hawkeye

    Help on how to properly white balance a picture

    If you really want to be accurate, use a grey-card when you take your photos. Then balance the grey off of that.
  9. hawkeye

    Drawing Lines and different shapes in Photoshop

    You will need to learn how to use the pen tool.
  10. hawkeye

    Drawing Lines and different shapes in Photoshop

    1st question, use a layer mask on the shape layer to erase the parts you don't want. 2nd question, use the pen tool. Draw 1/2, then duplicate, flip horizontal and combine to make symmetrical.
  11. hawkeye

    Hue saturation

    Try using a Selective Color adjustment layer.
  12. hawkeye

    Need favor...

    The Photoshop trial version is free.
  13. hawkeye

    Need help with creating similar glass button

    Sorry to hear about the illness, Covid needs to be taken seriously. There are numerous password apps available, many of which are free. I use KeePass on my PC. My family knows the master password which gives them access to pay all the bills.
  14. hawkeye

    Paid PrivacyRequired Cert Alterations

    The protection from liability for a forum which facilitates the solicitation of illegal activity is yet to be fully tested. Frankly I don't see where it's beneficial for any website to test the limits of current protections. But obviously that is a decision which is not mine to make.