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  1. E

    Batch Automation Can you batch or automate a series of batch files

    I am relatively new to Photoshop though I have been using some of the simple commands for years. I am currently using CC PS on a MacBook Air I am trying to determine if it's possible to automate a series of batch files (i.e. batch some batch files). Here is what I am trying to do - I work...
  2. M

    Batch Processing - How Can I Add Multiple Images on One Source File and Save

    I have a folder of images. I need to place, resize and center each image on top of one master (the same) image over and over for each image in the folder. Then I need save or export each final image as a jpeg in a folder. Also, it would be really cool if I run a script or droplet for single...
  3. V

    Batch Automation Trying to save versions using batch. "Overide save as" saves to the same file?

    Hi, I have about 100 folders, each with one file in them. I have an action that when run on a single file saves 10 colour variations of that file. When I use batch with the "Override save as" unchecked it attempts to save 10 variations to the folder I used when recoding the action. When...
  4. J

    Sharpening Batch

    Hi I want to do an automate batch in Photoshop using raw files. Is there a way of doing this without being stopped to ask to open each individual raw file? I need to keep the files raw as I will need to then "start" editing them in Lightroom.... thanks... John
  5. T

    Trying to make an action: replace all images in a batch with a specific image?

    Hi all. Can't seem to wrap my head around this one. Basically I want a batch action to take a folder full of images, retain the filenames, but replace all target images in the batch with duplicates of one specific source image. Things I've tried: Pasting from the clipboard seems to be no good...
  6. J

    Request for assistance to create an action

    Hi All, Request for assistance to create an action in Photoshop cs6 to Batch Change image background to white. I need to batch convert high resolution product images through layer/vector mask +/or channels without using the selection tools. Have tried to create white background layer and...
  7. H

    Create Multiple Hue Variations Batch

    I am looking to make 72 different hue variations of an image(so taking it in 5 step increments from one end of the spectrum to the other). Is there anyway to do this without having to make each adjustment manually? I want to do this so I can have my wallpaper slowly change colors.
  8. E

    Droplet problem with image size

    Hi, I'm a museum digitizaton operator. I have a question about making a droplet that would do the folowing: convert 600 ppi .TIFF scan into a 300 ppi with sRGB profile .TIFF with LZW compression, add Levels and Selective Color parameters that I've saved, and then make a 100 ppi JPEG with...
  9. Hinchin

    How to: make one object change it size due to another in Batch mode

    Hi Guys, I have a questions, I was tried to google it, but I have no idea how to write the request in short understandable way. I need to do following. I want to create Action to use it in Batch. The Action should put my signature on photo, and signature should be adopted to the size of...
  10. B

    Batch removing grey parts in background

    Hi there, I've been taking 2000 headshots on a white background. While I was shooting I saw a grey area in the upper left corner showing up. At the moment of the shooting I didn't have the occasion to change lighting. Removing this one by one works perfectly using the dodge tool and removing...
  11. F

    Clipping Path

    Hello everyone. I have a short question. I hope I'm asking this in the right place. I have been editing jewellery shots in PS CC and CS6 and as they were for web batched them from CYMK to RGB with Automator. What I didn't realise at that point was, that my 1300 images lost their clipping path...
  12. OneOrbit

    New Member from Orlando

    Hi, my name is John and I am new here. I have used Photoshop for several years, but I didn't take the time to lean allot of what it can do. I'm going through videos now and starting to get a little better understanding. I'm stumped on something that should be pretty easy. I bought...
  13. M

    Cropping from a directory

    I have a directory from a client with around 20,000 photos. most are in landscape format, while some in portrait format. The client wants all the photos cropped to 800x600 for the landscape and 600x??? for the portrait. With such a large number of photos what is the best way to get this done...
  14. Y

    Help - Batch splitting images in 2 with arbitrary sizes

    Hello all! I have a pretty difficult problem I haven't been able to solve using photoshop, but I'm sure it's because of my own ineptitude, not because the program can't do it. I was hoping someone knew enough to help me with it. Here it goes: I have a folder with 100+ images each of them wider...
  15. F

    Time Sensitive Batch Color Balance Question

    Hello! I work in crop research and have written a code to analyze an RGB image and determine if a pixel is senesced, crop, residue/soil, or shadow. However, this only works if the color is balanced in an image. I do not know what the technical definition of balanced color is, but to me it...
  16. N

    Batch Automation Batch Save with Key Bind

    Hello All, I'm looking to create a batch save action that does the following with a single key press: 1) Saves current image to JPG with max settings in its current folder with an appended name (ie, image.jpg becomes image_m.jpg) OR saves the image in a Photoshop-created subfolder in the...
  17. B

    Batch merge 130,000 quintuplicate images - Get the best one and make a new dbase

    I can't figure this one out. My gosh this sounds like a HS math test question. How can I create one database while merging 9, and insuring I have the best image when multiples exist? There are 9 sources (databases) of images. 1) Each database will have the same named image to the other...
  18. Q

    Is there a way to queue batch processing?

    Let's say I have 10 different image sets that need to be processed with 10 different actions. Is there a way with Photoshop or LightRoom to create a processing queue and process all of them at once without any user interaction. If not, is there an alternative out there?
  19. K

    Batch Resizing by Maximum Pixels

    Hi, I know I'm new but I tried searching the forums and reading through as many possible answers as I could find. I am a photo editor at a large (10,000 issue daily) college newspaper. As part of the job I need to edit a large number of images for web galleries. I'm trying to find a way...
  20. J

    automation destination folder issue

    Hello, I’m having a problem choosing destination folders when doing batch automation in Photoshop 8.0, using Window 5.1. No matter what I do, the files will never save to the destination folder I choose in the Automation window—if they save at all, they will only save to the folder I Saved for...