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    Batch Merging? Possibly??

    Hi! I'm really new to Photoshop and any help to the issue I'm having would be greatly appreciated. Here is the situation and what I'm trying to accomplish. I'm looking at 100 images inside of a folder in Adobe Bridge. All images are the same size. They are the front and back cover artwork...
  2. W

    Batch Automation Batch merge

    Hello all What I am trying to do is this. I have background.jpg, and need to place one of 270 photos (all in one folder) in a specific spot on the background, save the image as a new name and then print that image. So in the end I would end up with 270 unique images. Is that possible with...
  3. L

    Batch Automation Batch automate images from 96dpi to 300dpi

    HI I have a few actions set, converting to cmyk : saving as tiff etc, and can also use the image processor script - this is all fine. What I am struggling with is this : I need to convert images that may be 72dpi / 96dpi / 240dpi etc etc - I need to change them to 300dpi BUT if the I want...
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    Batch importing layer into multiple files?

    I cant figure out what I'm doing wrong. I'm trying to get an image to be the background on 30 odd seperate images. I keep getting things like "place" command not available when I use the batch. I can do everthing manually but as soon as its automated it fails... Can anybody help? I'm...
  5. S

    Photoshop batch import

    Hi, I'd like to ask something. Suppose I've thousands of files of psd jpg and txt files which can be paired by names like x.psd x.jpg and x.txt. I'd like to import x.txt and x.jpg into x.psd as new layers. a default position for layers are enough for all files. Can I do this for all...
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    Transparent Batch WATERMARK your photos video tutorial

    Difficulty: Beginner please reply if this video was useful so that i can make more photoshop videos
  7. C

    Batch work saving with different name to same source folders?

    Hi All I have the following problem.... I have 100 folder that I need to run a Batch processing on... But I also need to rename the picture and be able to save it back to the local source folder... Is this at all possible in Photoshop? I know I can do it by NOT renaming the file name! But I...
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    Batch Automation watermarking, batch, action , droplet

    Hi, I have been using Ps CS3 for about 2 years mostly for editing images. I am opening a website and when trying to watermark with the copyright symbol and the text , I would get the text on the images but not the copyright symbol. I tried some online tutorials but - no luck. I finally gave...