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Importing / Pasting files


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Hi, once again I have a question :)

Thing I do everyday is sending visualisations of projects to a client.
I have for example two sides of a car, rear, hood and sometimes roof. Normally I just drag project files from Bridge into Photoshop directly into empty file with specified dimensions, then rasterize layers and create multipage pdf.
I guess there is faster way of doing this, I've tried Bridge batch Load files into Photoshop Layers... but I get an error:
Load Layers can not merge Smart Object documents. They will be skipped
Unfortunately all of my files contain smart objects.

Do you have any other way? I mean - faster way :)

I know I can open flattened version of file in PS, but I need a way to open multiple files and don't want to do it by hand :)

Thanks for help :)