1. revnart

    Importing / Pasting files

    Hi, once again I have a question :) Thing I do everyday is sending visualisations of projects to a client. I have for example two sides of a car, rear, hood and sometimes roof. Normally I just drag project files from Bridge into Photoshop directly into empty file with specified dimensions...
  2. L

    Placing a grid on a blank page

    I have volunteered to do a project where I will be required to place about 100 small pictures onto a larger sheet of paper, print them then cut the photos out. Is there a way to place a grid on the blank page, to facilitate placing all on the photos in line with one another, which will make...
  3. Bigfish

    Placing an image within another image

    Right bare with me. I have a picture of a Bull which is in the foreground of the pic and trees/bushes in the background. I want to place a road sign between the tree/bushes and behind the bulls horns to give the effect the bull is walking past the sign. I'm stumped. Hope this makes sense...